Sanity not included.....

Well this week was chaotic as ever (don't think I will ever say any different) and I'm going to be honest its pushed me to my limits. It all began with Oscar developing Chicken Pox after I thought he had escaped Archie's bout with it being over 2 weeks. At first I was delighted thinking of getting it out of the way as naturally these things strike on special occasions. However his spots looked strange, I still had a return appointment for Archie's eye - yes the one I wasn't going to attend after he accused the 12yr old Dr of pumping! Anyway as appointments seem to be more rare than rocking horse poo, I went and casually asked about Oscar too, he confirmed it was CP and didn't seemed bothered with the 2 4 1 after Archie distracted him by saying "You know what? its typical, every time I come here I,m poorly!" He hasn't quite got context and I think we might now be on some secret "Cause for Concern" at the surgery...hey probably why we cant ever get an appointment...well that and all the plagues of "worried well" there everyday grrr.
Now these 8 spots that might or might not have been CP decided they meant business and by tea time had multiplied, by the next day I could barley see my child. It must have been sore because he was off his grub and he wouldn't have his naps...if your a parent you will be quickly in the picture why I was starting to lose it, nap time is basically the only thing that will get you through the day. Not only that but CP is a taboo subject, now my friends with older ones were banging down the door for a snog off Oscar but the ones with babies were saying "lets give it a month or three.." so playmates were scarce this week and we were housebound! Even a trip to GG's (Grandma Max aka Great Grandma or Gossip Grandma!) and some sea air didn't stop the constant whiny cry, which turned into a night of none stop crying and more and more spots turning up; also including me and the husband having a few... we will call them conversations about whether 39c temp needed A and E or if it could be Measles. To say I wanted to tear all my hair out by Wednesday morning pretty much describes the situation and still I'm house bound. So before I had a bottle of Pinot for brekkie I got inventive; we have done crafts (again the damage to my sanity is yet know), carpet picnics, tipee party's and went for a walk to the haven for an ice cream. Even though Ozzie was still getting spots on the soles of his feet (not kidding) he was now sleeping and this was definitely the turning point, but having been one of the people to say of CP "get it while you can" I don't think that anymore, wait until bribery, sweets and comics can be fully enforced.
As he was no longer infectious we decided to take our Caravan "Dolly" for a trip to the lakes and watch our friend do the "Great North Swim" on lake Windermere; nothing better for frayed tempers, poorly kids than a confined space. Oh and no wifi or mobile signal, I mean I like being in the middle of no where but I want to connected as well...people live there what do they do, Tin can and string?! In truth it was really nice to get away, Archie particularly loves playing with his friends until dark and I just like loads of wine, no housework and the new Dexter box set. Unfortunately the parking terrible so we didn't get to witness the swim and opted for a walk then a spot of lunch. Now I am physically allergic to proper exercise seriously I have the lung capacity  of someone in a long-term coma but I don't mind a nice stroll, take in the scenery and pub lunch at the end but the husband thinks he is Ray Mears, so when he suggested this "light" 2mile walk near Grasmere I should have been worried. However he was clever knowing full well I would be distracted just by the mention of Grasmere and the fact I could get copious amounts of "Sarah Nelsons Gingerbread"... Ive already had 3 pieces just writing this.
So we bash on and at first it was nice, few cows, rivers and that. After a bit of an incline, the people are looking serious -you know they have waterproof pants on and two walking poles-  but still he promises its only a bit more. So we go up another level and I'm getting a bit out of puff but we stop for some gingerbread and I don't want to be outdone by my 3yr old who is leading the way up frankly this now mountain. So we go up a bit more, I literally cant breathe now and every time no "mountain rescue types" are around I am threatening to cave the husbands skull in... this thing was just never going to end every new section was a false top. I then spy a huge mast and the thought of 3G got me 4 more metres up but there was still no sodding Facebook or texts. Its now at this horrible stage now where you cant turn back as it will be longer so the only option is to go up, I just randomly start telling people now that I only like walking on FLAT ground but no one took me seriously even after I threatened to rolly polly all 3 rocky miles down! At some point I become delirious and float to the top, where I nearly kill someone from laughing at my comment that "It must be a mountain because it has a tarn!" ...I now know it was just a puddle. I thought the worst was over but we were by the husbands own admission a bit lost and I wanted to just get to the pub so we started making our own route down through streams, rock faces and bogs, it was mental. After we got to the bottom and started talking to some serious walkers they recon we did 6mile mostly up hill! All I know is that it took nearly 4hrs, I think one of my toenails is gonna drop off but I am mega proud of Archie who didn't complain once.
Its funny though because just when you think you are having a bad week you see someone with triplet boys and 2 girls all under about 7, in a tent he he heeee! So after this exhaustion and no Facebook is it any wonder I thought Fathers Day was next week AND I didn't even know that Kim K had her baby....here's to a calmer week ahead.
Happy Fathers day to all the great Daddy's, Granddads and father figures out there!
Ash x
That's ma boy.

Knackered and NO WIFI?!



Its not a tarn, I asked.
Get me out of here!
 New Route!
Well deserved.
Only card left.

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