Shine bright like...an oven?!

Now if your not remotely domesticated you might think Ive gone madder than a box of frogs on coke here, but if you are slightly house proud prepare to be wowed...if your nesting you might actually drool!

Well obviously my oven gets more abuse than most through baking,and as a time strapped Mam I may have been know to stick pizzas in without a tray, or even leave cremated bits of fish fingers to weld at the bottom; so my oven has seen better days. No matter how much I try to clean it even before the kids I used to polish it with baby oil (this and sleep is the answer to "what did I do with my time before kids?") it was still never great. So I saw an advert in the little pages for "George at Cookermate" and I thought I'm going to try and get it properly cleaned, it's starting to smell like a BBQ every time we have lasagne.

So I called and booked George in, he turned up 5mins early and is honestly one of the friendliest people I have ever met. We had a little natter while he set up about his family and own Grandchildren, prompted by Oscar as usual growling and biting at the ankles of any stranger; I'm sure he's half bulldog that child. Then he got cracking, the best thing about this process...apart from me not doing it...OK second best thing is that he doesn't use any chemicals just soap, water and elbow grease - you have to see it to believe it. After 2hrs the oven was literally gleaming, it looked like new, not a spec of food left, the shelves were silver again AND he cleared away after himself!

Now I don't know what it is about men not wanting help, right from directions to window cleaning but my husband didn't want this done either, at times he is as tight as two coats of paint though and would do his own fillings if he could. So I had to reason with him that apart from the fact I've barely got time to take a shower never mind clean an oven, this is also George's job, he knows all the tricks and he didn't stop for 2hrs so how long do you think it would have taken me?!
Before, zoom in if you dare.


Georges website he assures me, he has been trying to get it updated for ages as the price is £3 more now but that's in 9yr!

www.cookermate.co.uk 07816 101 845

I paid £49 for a double oven, some things you get, right from a bad takeaway to your house painted can be disappointing but honestly this is amazing you get what you pay for.*I don't know George and he doesn't even know I'm writing this until I tell him I was just so impressed.

While I'm on about great services, plus countless people have been asking me where I got my phone cover from:


I came across this website by accident and I almost don't want to share as all my present ideas are going to get pinched, I've got visions of turning up to a Christening with the same fabulous unique gift as my pal, but Ive got to its sooo cool. The customer service is outstanding too and I love their personal funny tone; very like "Innocent smoothies". I paid £20.99 for this cover,it so easy step by step instructions and I've had it 6mths not a chip or scratch... toddler proof.- Lush stuff.

So get your ovens and phones jazzed up!

Ash x

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  1. George did my oven at the height of my (lazy) nesting. The best valentines present I have ever had the guy is the friendliest miracle worker ever!!