A Prince is born.....

 I am a huge Royalist! If you are my Facebook friend you will be well in the picture by now and may even have “unfriended” me for my 1 million status updates this week; I don’t care or blame you though, hate on haters! I don’t think I’m the weird kind of fan...but that’s what a weird fan would say! What I mean is I don’t have a room dedicated to commemorative plates, I have never camped out anywhere for days just to get a glimpse of a them and I don’t secretly long for a bag of their hair and nail clippings. I have however  for some unknown reason absolutely loved the Royals from being little and I used to make my step mum Caroline take me to the Library on Saturdays so I could just read books about them...you know before the Internet *cold shiver*.
I even once wrote to the Queen when I was 9 to say I was sorry to hear about Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorcing...stop laughing... and on the 25th January 1992 I received a letter from her lady in waiting to thank me for my kind words. I was so excited my Dad took me out and bought a silver frame for it which I still have in my bedroom although not on display...that might be weird. I just love being part of a country that has a Royal Family and the best one at that with such amazing history to boot.
If you don’t like the Royals fine but it does annoy me when people say they “sponge off the county” this may have some truth but they also bring an enormous amount of tourism and revenue to the country and our economy. I can’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t like the “Young Royals” but regardless It is estimated that their wedding generated nearly 2billion for the UK and their new baby will make about £250million not to mention they can potentially affect our future and our children’s, children’s futures. I know I would rather pay for them to be fantastic ambassadors of Britain than folk out our taxes on all these Dole sponge's who cant be bothered to clean the house they have been given or on immigrants with no intention of working or learning English. 
Unfortunately I don’t know Will and Kate personally (it’s probably only a matter of time until they start reading the blog) but they seem like such genuinely nice people and as much as is physically allowed they seem normal. I just adore their little love story, I mean William was born into the circus we have just witnessed this past few days, whether he liked it or not his future was laid out already and he probably would have been persuaded to keep the blue bloodline going or at the very least to Marry someone with a “Lady” in their title. However around the same time unnoticed in a much less privileged setting ...I mean she’s not exactly council estate material but still... a “commoner” was born. Her Mum and Dad as all parents do probably wondered what she would become and what life would deal her, they would work incredible hard to provide for their little girl and hope all the health, happiness and success in the world for her. Sometimes I think “Dr Archie Dunn” would have a nice ring to it but I bet never in their wildest dreams did they think their little Princess would go from BUCKlebury to BUCKingham Palace and become a real Princess.
Fate is a strange thing though, essentially this could have been any girl and quite a lot had to line up in order for a “commoner” to marry a Prince and get an 18 CARAT SAPHIRE RING. If William hadn’t had a gap year or they both hadn’t gone to St Andrews or to be honest if she was called Chardonnay this would have never happened.  The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Kate, K-Mid whatever you want to call her is just amazing in my eyes though, she’s beautiful, gracious, clever and an incredible role model to young girls and woman especially compared to the likes of Rihanna. It’s no wonder William has scrapped tradition and fallen in love with her, she is a true Princess and the Royals are better for her.
If you’re starting to think I’m obsessed you should have seen me on their wedding day when I had a girly party! There was bunting, corgi cut outs, flags, I baked Crown biscuits with W and K on, and Royal themed cupcakes.  Then my GG, Mum, a few of the girls and I wore tiaras or wedding hats while drinking tea and eating bacon sandwich’s as we started watching from about 8am; it was just fabulous. I enjoyed it so much I vowed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary too but I may have took it too far by getting pregnant and making Oscars due date as their anniversary, true story.
Now they are having a baby of their own and it’s so lovely, I am just as excited and obsessed as I was when they got married. I have been hooked to live Sky News since she went into labour, looking at two glass doors like they might actually give birth, some of the coverage has been absolutely hilarious though. Despite some people camping out for 3 weeks no one saw them enter the hospital but it was confirmed she had been admitted and then that was it for about 14hrs, however they still managed to fill a day with none stop coverage/door watch.  I mean if only someone had had a baby before they would have known it could take a while....
My favourite parts were when they started interviewing “experts”, starting with Midwifes who were being nicey nice but talking total bollocks to me by saying “She will probably be just walking around relaxing”...obviously never had a child of their own; I preferred mooing like a Dinosaur while my head did a 360 turn. Then they got hold of a proper gynaecologist because this Indian Dr started to discuss without actually moving her face what medically would be happening including “plenty of vaginal examinations!”...I thought Kay Burley was literally having a heart attack at that, I mean Jesus Christ she’s a Princess you can’t mention her Vajayjay, you should pretend she doesn’t even have one. Then the information updates just got worse and worse, at some points it would have been better if they had said “We still know absolutely nothing”. My personal highlight was when they went to a Liverpool hospital to interview new Mums at 3pm and said that “Midwifes here predict she will have the baby later on today”...well she was hardly going to have it earlier on today was she. Finally when the amazing news arrived that a King had been born poor Kay rushed into the crowd to hear the public’s views and all 9 of the different people she tried to interview couldn’t speak a word of English...I’m thinking she had a carton of wine for tea that night.
I also did chuckle that people were saying they “felt sorry for Kate” don’t get me wrong there was a lot of pressure and the eyes of the world on them, I wouldn’t have liked to be her at about 4pm if it had all just been Braxton Hicks *awkward*. That’s it though I doubt they noticed the crowd outside once they got in and trust me when things properly kicked off a pap could have delivered the baby and she wouldn’t care less. Unlike most women she wasn’t sent home 3 times, I doubt she would have had to fight for an epidural if she wanted one and she wasn’t put on a ward with complete strangers, screaming babies and their family’s visiting. As for it being the hottest day of the year with spectators fainting, I don’t think the air conditioning budget would have even been discussed for Kate and if she wanted chipped ice from the North Pole I dare say she would have got it! I do love how she came out with the baby though and her tummy hadn’t vanished plus she looked a bit tired...or like me on my very very best day!
Whether you love them or not, are as obsessed as me or not, all I know is that a Prince married a normal girl, and without any complications they have had a gorgeous healthy little King called George. In a world where a man had his head cut off in broad daylight and we are even contemplating not banning child abuse pornography this is the closest thing you will ever see to a real fairytale.
May they live happily...ever...after!
Welcome to the world George Alexander Louis... and congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

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