Fun in the sun....

This week has had some top lows and some top highs, this honestly is now standard with kids though, one day you cant believe you complain ever and the next your hanging onto your husbands ankles shouting "Take me to work with you!"
It all started with all four of us feeling a bit run down, seeing me and the husband going to bed at 7.30pm every night and I wish I was joking. However it was to be the start of this horrific tummy bug doing the rounds and I am out of my mind trying to pin point the exact moment we were INFECTED...I know its weird but being a germ phobe I find it so weird to think if just one of us hadn't touched "that" I would have seen a lot less barf this week...anyhoo every ones got to have a hobby. So first Oscar was taken down being really sick and had nappy's even in a hazmat suit I wouldn't have liked to change, then the husband came home from work early and trust me this means you all should be very worried if you get it. Sure enough I followed and I was so ill I couldn't even disinfect the house and trust me (ask my friends) the government should now be worried and upping its Tami flu or something. I thought Archie had escaped but on Wednesday when he was saying his "Tummy was talking to him" I should have know better...lets just say Red Leicester sandwich and strawberry's are not nice on their return, feel like Widow Twanky this week all the bedding towels etc I've washed. Special mention to my favourite "Get well" message off my pal JC saying "Why don't you blog from the bog?" ha haaa I'm not that bad....yet!
Its funny though because a few people in a row have asked me this week "what I think about having  another child?" Now if your thinking of expanding Ive got one word "Tummy Bug" seriously its another mouth to feed but its also another to barf the world up and having two its like a time bomb "will he get it? yes but will he get it?!" just something to think about but if that hasn't put you off I absolutely wouldn't have more than you have hands...what happens if 3 run off in different directions?!... and more than 4 is just a litter people! Defo feel a blog brewing on "twos company"
Apart from that its been an amazing week, my big lad has started riding his bike with out stabilisers as he's 3 I'm impressed, he does need a highway code lesson though. Flying straight over the main road at Morrison's without a thought, while I sprinted after him with the buggy, involuntary screaming "Jesus friggin christtttt!"...it wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't turned around to the bus stop chokka with speechless people: I would like to announce I am now a full on screechy Mam and proud. I just wish Oscar would copy to tire him out too but as he cant even walk its maybe a big ask, seriously though with the bright light we cant be the only parents getting 6am as a lie at the minute?! 
The weather...sorry do you know it sunny? I mean has anyone mentioned its sunny no really its sunnnnny! SO nice to be out doors, we went to the beach yesterday with the rest of the North East , much to Chris's amusement I wore shorts - I have only worn shorts in the UK twice I think- but it was still hot. Personally I just love the people watching, I have never seen as many , white linen pants, dodgy pedicures, vest tans and fake tan (Meee included) My favourite bit was when a family of fellow "Screechy Mams" sat next to us and refused to move, to tell little Tyson off but just screamed at him for 2hrs solid, we then realised her partner Tyson Sr also had shorts on which nicely showed of his ankle electronic tag but I couldn't get a picture despite trying, its a shame because It would have shown off his crazy tattoo that covered his entire chest, featuring his belly button as a tunnel...I'm not even kidding it was fantatsic. The day was nicely finished by going to the evening reception of our friends wedding at Longhirst Hall, the bride and bridal party all looked amazing, I don't think they could have picked a better day and we thoroughly enjoyed the night. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wilson.
Today we have been to the "Chilli Festival" at Seaton Delaval Hall and it was fantastic I really thought it would be a few stalls but there was live music, loads of BBQ food stalls including "Pulled Pork Sandwich's", Pimms stand, Pink Lemonade and of course all sorts of "Chilli" fayre to be bought; It was £14 for us to get in and I wish we could have stayed longer to really enjoy it but we had to get home as there was a little tennis match on! Honestly had to stop watching at one point from nerves, but then I noticed Bradley Cooper and Gerrard Butler in the crowd so I rededicated myself to the situation. Massive well done to Andy Murray, what an amazing win.

Long may the sun last I'm overdosing on BBQs, 99s, Crabbies on ice, paddling pools, sunbathing, strawberry's and just being outside. I am absolutely in love with "Avicii Wake me up" it will defiantly be my summer song but after the last few weeks the lyrics mean so much to me and I will leave with this favourite piece.
Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes.
Life is a game made for everyone and Love is the prize.
So wake me up when its all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older.
All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost.

Ash x

Beach Day!

Wilson Wedding.

GG spoiling us.

Chilli Festival
Ho ho hoooo!

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