Iru Bru...who knew?!

This week has been crazy busy with cakes, celebrations and generally enjoying the weather, its so warm I've been trying to master an "up doo" to keep cool...that doesn't make me look like a toy troll. I am seriously going to have to go on diet though next week as I wouldn't like to put a number on the amount of Burgers, jugs of Pimms and Ice creams I have consumed lately, but I cant hold back when its like this! Sooo nice everyone seems so much happier and in competition to get a tan like Judith Chalmers, this week alone, I have done brekkie with a bestie, picnic in the park next to hubby's work, mums group picnic, ladies who lunch, 2 BBQs, Pimms o clock, surprise 30th, watched the Brother play cricket, Tapas date night and a Christening....no wonder I'm knackered and fat!
Trending at number 1 in my life is "Oscar started nursery" Its ridiculous I know that I'm not really working at the minute -seriously mams out there who work full time, keep a husband, house AND look after the kids I salute you!- but I have never been busier and if you spent 20mins with Oscar you will know why I need a day to get stuff done. This was the first week and I cant describe the feeling of ecstasy, I eventually got my hair cut and generally got more jobs done than I have in 2yrs, it only took a couple of hours! My favourite part was going out to lunch with the girls, I usually bring Oscar...he doesn't like waiting in the boot.... I didn't have to sit at the end of the table so a highchair could be placed next to me, I didn't have to move everything 1mile away from his reach, I finished my sentences, I finished my meal in peace all to my self and I didn't have to clean the floor before I left BLISS!  Literally counting down the minutes to Wednesday again....I might run for Prime Mister I will be that efficient. I should also mention Oscar loved it and didn't want to come home.
Archie's new thing is singing, its very cute and all good and well when hes singing Twinkle Twinkle but he has started copying songs from the radio too. Which is very awkward when it comes to song of the moment "Blurred Lines" don't get me wrong I like it, even if my skin could fall off at how creepy the video is not to mention the lyrics are a bit "rapey" but its just weird when my 3yr old is walking around repeating "Ill take a gooood girrrl, I know you want it, yeah I know you want it!" and then decides to encore with his other favourite "Get Lucky" and sings "I'm up all night to get some, shes up all night to get some!"-strangely also featuring Pharrell Williams who's a  Dude but Im pretty sure hes a vampire too, the man hasn't aged in 20yrs! Archie also had his first trip away with the school to White House Farm, I was ill as he is the youngest but he wasn't, bossing me about, what he wanted in his pack lunch and he "better not miss the bus!". Anyway he had a brilliant time telling me he was the only one to hold a snake and a tarantula (I believe him) and he sat next to Poppy on the bus "there and back!"....lets just hope he didn't sing to her.
Oh and finally this week I had my first ever Irn Bru...it is absolutely amazeballs, why don't they serve this everywhere? At the surprise 30th I even tried to get the husband to go next door to the CHIPPY to get me a can as its all I wanted...with vodka I'm told! Here's the question though: If Lemonade is lemon and Fanta is orange what is Irn Bru?!
Please stay summer.
Ash x

First attempt with a donut hmmmm.

Sugarloafs finest.

First school trip.

Working lunch.

Oink Oink

Only Animal print would do for this girl.

Not a clue!

Not a bad view.

For a special little man.

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