Things that go BANG in the night!

Well its been a jam packed couple of weeks so much so I've hardly been able to blog and it wouldn't be a proper week in the Dunn household without a big slice of drama so I've also had no WIFI anyway. Are you sitting comfortably? I will begin.

Well it started with me signing up to a new little job,
(see Jamie's Home) I only popped along to the party to see what it was about and get some new mugs but decided to go for it to mainly get me out the house, its seriously not healthy to be so happy when a certain episode of Scooby Doo comes on or I hear the ice cream van; I even chased him to the next street last week for a fix and 5mins peace. Jamie at home is right up my street obviously cooking and kitchenware and I'm loving it so prepare for loads more recipe blogs as I try out all the kit.
Chin Chin.
First Display.

Sundae Heaven!
I then decided to put my back out...you know because I don't like tying my own shoes and love looking pregnant. I'm not really sure how it happened, it could be when I ran down the beach from GG's house chasing Archie who went AWOL or it could be when I dived to catch Oscar falling off the bed and slipped on a pillow but that's a daily occurrence so maybe lumping him round like a little lead statue did it, he might be a dare devil and be able to climb the neighbours fence but still refuses to walk. So If you've seen me and think I might have a secret, I'm don't I just cant hold my Mummy Tummy in properly or stand up straight for the time being.
Beach day at GG's.
Cant walk but nearly over the fence.
Excellent place to play...inside the BBQ.

Archie had his end of year graduation last week from Nursery... yes Nursery! The husband was of course cynical and didn't want to take the morning off work as Archie will actually be going back again next year and we honestly did think it would just be a little party, but we couldn't have been more wrong. The Children from the 3 class's were all lined up in the yard with hundreds of Parents and Grandparents with video cameras, having cream teas...oh and ME hobbling along. Each class took a turn in singing two songs which was very cute including "Goodbye you have made my day" they then got their reports individually from the Headmistress, all very emotional...even if Archie is going back next year to do it all again as he's only 3. Well done to all the James Knott staff though amazing job this year and putting up with my son! I sweated a bit about a gift as ridiculously heard at some schools teachers get Spa Breaks and Mulberry handbags...soz but if Mammy's not getting one neither are you. Apparently and come to think of it obviously ALCOHOL goes down well as do all forms of sugar and Archie teacher's had a few tears when I gave them their presents...then I joined them, why not?!

Now I haven't been getting much sleep lately for several reasons, the summer is making my boys get up at 5.30-6am every god damn day for one this heat...so hot (I AM NOT COMPLAINING) means the windows are open for noise. It was still a surprise to wake up at 2am with the husband holding a claw hammer...its the little things that keep it fresh. Apparently he heard a loud bang downstairs, I didn't want to say I heard the exact thing about an hour before but went back to sleep as was hoping they might just leave the Plasma and do the ironing; still don't know what it was.
So hot they are peeling.
Its 5am get up Mam!
Then on Tuesday things got really interesting by the house being caught in an eye of the storm. Again nothing gets in the way of my average 5hrs kip so I was tempted to go back to sleep during the deafening thunder but then a direct lightening strike with lightening going across my bedroom ceiling said otherwise. To cut a long story short the strike blew up all the power in the house including the fuse box, boiler, telephone, telephone line, aerials, two sky boxes and the bedroom TV. Despite it costing about £500 so far and not being covered on insurance as its an "Act of God", I don't mind telling you I actually cried when I realised the Sky was gone on the morning after the Royal baby was born, not only did I miss most the coverage, as you will tell from "A Prince is born" this was a BIG problem but its also the summer holidays. I don't know how I will be able to wash my hair, get dressed and not go clinically insane without the TV, Its like the Hunger Games here but with Toddlers; special mention to the Disney channels. I cant even talk about the fact that all my recorded stuff has all gone too, Hannibal, Dexter and Greys Anatomy but the saving grace is that we watched the last of "Game of Thrones"...OMG OMGGGG. I should explain that we record it so me and the husband can watch it together but he went off shore and accidentally watched the "Red Wedding" so when we watched it together he secretly filmed my reaction, I thought he turned away because it was so shocking. I will post the video when I can turn it the correct way but I was soooo shocked, it's hilarious and I huffily announce "I'm NOT watching it anymore, what's the point?!"
Archie cheering me up because I was so upset!

Have a good week.

Ash x

I've decided to start a weekly Archie and Oscar corner of what they say (Archie) or think (Oscar and Archie) the good and the bad as a log, so I remember why I have grey hair and wrinkles also because they are just mental and don't think people believe me.

Archie and Oscar's Corner

  • "Mam D is for Dinosaur, E is for Elephant and F is for F*cking Hell...."
  • "Oscar stop wrecking my life!"
  • "Mam you know, I'm dreaming of being a Doctor...or an Ogre"
  • "Mint Mam is too busy brushing that fat lumps teeth to notice the toilet seat is open and he hasn't flushed, I'm going to splash in the wee and brush the bowl with my toothbrush"
  • "He he I have just done a poo but I'm holding back until after she has changed me then I can repeat"
  • "Yeah Mam I'm not going to eat those strawberry's you have given me as soon as you nip to the loo that live snail is mine with soil for afters"

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