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Well for much of the year there has been a debate on what I should do for my 30th Birthday in September, there was talk of a Party, a trip to Iceland....don't ask...a trip to London, Cream tea somewhere "Posh" amongst others and to be fair after two children I just fancied clubbing all the money together and having a boob job but that's by the by. Anyway it was decided by the husband that I would be having a little party which is strange because he is usually against all social interaction, but that was it, we booked a little doo and literally the next day he got approached with his new job in Texas; so the party could have gone on but we wouldn't have been there!

Plan B, move the party to a weeks time (I know up life speed to 110mph) and make it a kind off leaving doo as well. So I called my original venue which I wont name because this is going south in a minute, and they amazingly had the same area available; perfect so sent out the invite. I sent a email to confirm all the same plans and got a reply to say the manager would call for a deposit, but I received no call so called them a few times myself until Tuesday night...yes 4 days before... I got a call to say someone else had paid a deposit that day! I thought this was really bad service as they could have at least said to the other person "Hang on someone else is interested can I just check they don't want it first?!"

So this then had me up panicked until 1am writing lists of other venues and I called 32 places with no success until, I don't even know why but I decided to call "Tiger Tiger", the Sales Executive Sam was like an angel, shuffling things around to accommodate us, sorted us a drinks package and sweet talked the head chef into doing Bacon Sandwich's as its not something they normally do but its mine and Chris's favourite, a perfect mid drinking snack and even though their other menus looked lush I HATE going to places with a beige buffet, I was impressed how much they humoured us. So the Venue and Food- check that just left: Outfit, Babysitter and Cake!
The husband needed some new work clothes anyway as his moth eaten Matalan shirts have thank the lord given up the ghost so while the boys were both at nursery (never happened before) we had some retail therapy and frankly it was weird. Firstly it was like I was taking Chris back to school when he made me come in the changing room and check everything was the right size but secondly we had a spot of lunch and it was so quiet and stress free I didn't know what to do; we didn't even speak a word, my GG calls it companion silence but I call it bliss. I ended up getting two dresses, on the night I choose my favourite which was a cool wet suit material but when I put it on at home with heels it was so short you could see my insides, so I had to choose the other which was half the price from New Look if your interested, so every cloud and that.
We had booked our neighbours lovely Granddaughter to babysit BUT we had our eye on a lie in, if you haven't got kids:
 On your next heavy night out set your alarm for 2.30am...just for the fun factor, oh yeah and you have to be in and asleep before then...then set it again for 6am and that's it get up put your i pod on loud all day and go about your normal routine without sitting down for 1 minute you will see what I mean....and no being sick doesn't get you out of it. 
So commenced "Operation guilt" I ran out of kidneys and blood on overnight babysitters somewhere mid Wedding season this year so once my Grandma offered to have Archie that was it beg Mam to have Oscar and thankfully she even cancelled her plans after a "you wont be seeing him for a year!"...I know, evil but needs must when the devil wakes you up at 6am. 
I would have made some cupcakes but it had been a busy week and I accidentally drank too much Pimm's at my one of my besties the night before, then on the actual day I was invited to the Mal Maison for a great blogging event called "Meet at the Mal" and I started on the fizzy stuff there so it was a no go and instead had the ingenious idea to just buy a load of sweets and cakes, no one seemed to care though and I think they went faster than my cakes normally do!  
On the night I was a little stressed after a road block made us 10mins late to our own party! Also to be honest I cant remember the last time I was in Tiger Tiger so wasn't sure what to expect but I really was blown away, we were greeted and looked after all night by a lovely girl called Sophie, she had the bubbly being poured when we arrived and the bacon sandwich's were delicious served with retro glass Heinz Ketchup which was a nice touch. The room we had in the Groovy lounge was brilliant too it had a fab light up disco floor and played mostly 70-80s music and as my brother pointed out it was very apt as I was born in the 80's.
A stag doo wandered in our area by mistake and when it was explained it was a private function they insisted on buying me a £55 bottle of Champagne! so we let them stay for Bacon Sandwich's and cake. It meant so much to us that 60 of our family and friends came at such short notice and although I was "tipsy" after a few Jagerbombs, I know we had one of the best nights of our life. The room is free to hire but has a small charge if you don't spend £1000 at the bar but I had it confirmed today that 60 of us spent at least that...so I am thinking everyone else had a good night too he he. Thanks so much to Sam and Sophie at Tiger Tiger I couldn't recommend the place more, class act, I've had a two day hangover to show for it and hardly any pics oops.
To be continued....
Ash x
Kicked the day off properly



My best girls, shame about evil eyes!
Took 5mins!



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