#Lucky Part 3

Well after such a heavy night the best cure is always some grease and we had arranged a farewell breakfast for Chris going away with my family which was the normal madder than a box of frogs on coke affair. However the best thing ever was Archie who had slept at my Grandparents turned up in the closest thing to what my Granddad was wearing who he worships, including white socks and sandal's! We then had a nice farewell lunch with the husband side, I was mega suffering by then but Archie decided to fall asleep at the table so it must have been catching.
Craic wasn't all that.


It was then unfortunately time to actually say farewell to the husband who has flown out to his new job in Texas ahead of us to get some graft in and sort out a little palace for us. After a slap up breakfast I was actually fine although obviously sad we are not all going together but the boys have been dreadful as if they know and trying to push me to the limit. Oscar has eaten toothpaste, soy sauce and tissues along with trying to walk across the ceiling, I'm glad its not just me though, when I picked him up at nursery his key worker said  he has been giving them a heart attack, climbing on an easel and then climbing on the dining table...and helping two other babies up! "Gang Leader" and "Hell Raiser" was mentioned and honestly if he wasn't leaving I think he would be getting expelled. Archie wasn't to be out done either and literally within hours was nearly sick from having such a bad tantrum in the middle of a car park over why at age 3 he cant drive the car?! This is the problem with having two children though they annoyingly like to do their own thing, Oscar slept through but woke up at 6am, Archie woke up 4 times for various things but slept until 8.30am yesterday....so in an ideal world I could have had a full nights kip and a lie in but no I was up 4 times and then up at 6am *eyes burning*
Proper Send Off!
Why have you taken away my toothpaste?!


Anyway its keeping me busy and after I eventually opened my fantastic gift pack from the blogger event Meet at the Mal, I have been flat out with sorting stuff for Texas and packing for our hols to Cornwall which my brother has come along to keep us company and "help". I have to say situations like this really show you who your friends are and I don't mean that in a passive aggressive "some people are so sh*t way" Its just been really nice how my family and friends have been pouring in the offers to babysit etc I feel very lucky. I even managed a cheeky little trip to town for some bits and bobs and managed a solo sushi trip in Fenwick's food hall which was too nice for words. As three yes three pairs of sandal's finally turned up their toes this week I also needed at least one pair, the only thing is if you read 25 things about me! you will know I have size UK9 feet, so its not easy to get shoes but some shops are catching on, however only in the stripper style platform which are ridiculous, can you tell me do you think a person with size 9 is going to be 5ft?!
Love a freebie.



In all seriousness I'm a bit knackered having to now do everything on my own and I'm embarrassed to say  I didn't even know which day was bin day or who the car insurance is with....well that's the husbands job. I'm very flattered but even though people know I'm going to Texas I keep getting asked to do cakes and learnt a very important lesson this week after trying to take on too much on, I was up til 2am ironing and packing to come away. The next day whilst sitting shattered Archie had some love hearts and he handed me one and it said "Just say no!" so if that's not a sign I don't know what is and to clarify I'm not taking anymore cake orders on, I finished my last order on Wednesday which was actually a pleasure to do for a lovely footy mad couple but that's the last one.


So that's it we are missing Daddy but we are enjoying the rest of our Cornish trip.

Ash x

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