Silver Lining. "A hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty"

Well this is an early one because we are taking Dolly the caravan out tomorrow for some fresh air! This title is for anyone having a tough week, from naughty kids to spilt milk to poorly relatives, you know who you are.

As always we kicked the week off with a bit of fun by Archie pushing Oscar full force into the patio doors...seeing teeth through a top lip and ALOT of blood is always great mind! The most annoying thing though was going to Rake Lane or as I call it "Mistake Lane" now I don't want to pick on one hospital especially as both my boys were born there and as far as I am concerned Angels work in the Maternity Department. However it was 6am, with only two other people waiting so we saw the nurse quickly who agreed we needed to see the Doctor but after nearly 3hrs waiting with a 3yr old as well we gave up. I cant understand it though not one person was seen in all that time and no Ambulances pulled up so why does it take so long to say "No he doesn't need a stitch and its not infected, goodbye"?!

Obviously with more complicated cases, suspected breaks etc it will take longer but why instead of a nurse cant they have a Doctor to see you immediately there must be at least 1/3 of people who could be sent home immediately. As for the "Walk in Centre" which I call the "Walk Away Centre" its even more useless; in the past couple of years between me and the boys we have been there 8 times and EVERYTIME been sent straight to my GP or A and E?! Honestly you have more chance of Taylor Swift keeping a fella than getting seen to properly. I have just started watching "House" and laughing my head off at how much care is taken and effort to diagnose the patients you can tell its not real though because here I think they have two category's and options of whats wrong: 1.Get on with it 2.Your gonna die. While I am fizzing I will mention Doctors attitude, my GG swears they take blood and if your over 60 they just bin it and say your fine...I'm starting to believe her. I swear Doctors need to swop with Builders, Builders look at something simple and go "Ooooo" but Doctor's look at your head 3x the size like nothing is a problem "Why are you wasting my time, its just viral?!"...if they swopped people would love Doctors AND Builders!
Luckily Oscar is back to himself full blown maniac and Archie's partner in crime, this summer holiday I have discovered that if your children are not co-operating and you need 5mins peace 1. Go to wipe their nose. 2. Ask them to get dressed...GONE it works on all ages. Now if you are having the opposite problem and need them to come brush their teeth etc then 1. Sit down and look comfortable, even if they are rooms away you wont get a brew to your lips and they will appear or 2. Answer the phone.
I think my friend thought I was joking when I cancelled our play date this week because I was going to my ex step dads wedding...no wait my brothers dads wedding..no still sounds wrong..my Mams ex husbands wedding...well they are all true anyway; told you my family was messed up. It was a lovely little afternoon catching up with people and very proud of my brother Jack for giving such a nice best mans speech.

Me and the brothers.

As we still don't have Sky TV back I've been hammering the DVD's and been really surprised at some choices and how good they have been, I'm late to the plate on all of these but have to give them a shout out, I enjoyed them so much.
  • "Silver Linings Playbook", well obviously not everyone has an Oscar's night and waits up until about 3am watching like me (even named my son after them!) but unless you live under a rock Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her part in it. Its basically about someone with Bi Polar and honestly now think my whole family has it...no filter when we talk... but its absolutely brilliant and funny see it. P.s Bradley Cooper your going on my "list" big lad.
  • "The Sweetest Thing" old film but soooo funny I was nearly sick laughing at the "Penis Song"...enough said, see it.
  • "The Secret Life of Bees"...adapted from a book, about the deep south in the 1960's and the racism experienced...*UGLY CRY* loved it and ordered the book to my Kindle, see it.
Well off  to clean Dolly and have a few days rest....Ha ha haaaa.
Ash x
Archie and Oscar Corner
  • "Mammy that man is a Curly Toed Weirdo..." (Cheers Shrek) 
  • "How do you make a bomb?"
  • "Mam I just neeed 5 minutes peace tell Oscar..."
  • *Thinks* "I know I will get the scissors Dad has left on the garage floor and cut all the bushes"
  • *Thinks* "Oooo a stand of sticker books in Argos, 1 must be for me to put all over my top"
  • "Dear Diary, this weeks highlights have been, peanut butter on the plasma TV, pulling a 4 pint of milk off the bench but my personal favourite is I'm still keeping up the pretence that I cant walk...ha ha it so funny watching them carry me everywhere. I'm thinking if they don't suss me I will give in by my 3rd birthday...maybe"
  • 5.30am: "I am absolutlllly shattered BUT I made a promise to myself to get them up at this time for a year and I am nothing if not dedicated, besides whats the worst that can happen...I will be a whingey monster all day RESULT!"
  • "Although admittedly their patience is wearing thin they still haven't guessed I'm a Gremlin under this blue eyed disguise, thank god my home planet discovered a way to get wet now or it would be game over!"
Hmmm what to destroy in the only cupboard that cant have a lock?!

Well guess we are having that then Arch?!
I'm not tired these are tears of happiness!

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