Stars and Stripes!

Well I cant quite believe what I am about to say but the family knows now so I can share with everyone else....your thinking I'm pregnant aren't you?!...I can confirm that is NOT happening.

To cut a long story short the husband Chris has been "poached" from another company and is moving to a new job, in Houston, Texas! It has been a crazy 8 days... yes this all started and has been sorted in 8 days. He leaves next Monday and me and the boys will follow early September. The contract is for about a year but he works in Oil and Gas and the industry changes like the wind so we will be back by Christmas and then who knows...I know this is mental right?!
My first reaction was AHHHHHHHHH! It will be a huge change for us to leave family and friends not to mention I will be with the boys on my own ALL DAY while Chris is grafting. There is a lot to sort out/iron out like what to do with our house, cars and we have medical insurance but will be visiting the Dentist etc just in case before we leave. Archie will also have to start Pre-School over there and I'm sure they will have never known anyone like him, he will probably get a little American accent too. I'm also not quite sure how am I going to get there with 2 boys under 3, 2 flights and about 15hrs of travelling?! I started to write a list of everything that needs to be done and the husband in his drunken wisdom came in on Friday and started his own, this is what it said: 

"Buy a Cowboy hat and maybe a gun" 

so I guess we are all set then!
First reaction!

Although I am still a mass of mixed emotions I am sure this will be a huge adventure and a fabulous experience for our family, we have been given a gorgeous Condo to live in with an amazing pool, and it will be nice to have good weather pretty much all of the time; daily BBQ and swimming I'm thinking. This brings me onto my next point that I will definitely be putting on 4st between, Pancake's, Tex Mex, Ribs, Krispy Kreme, Steaks mmmmm. However my hair is NOT good with the humidity so I wont be recognizable is a matter of weeks.
I will of course still be blogging, its just going Stateside now y'all...new favourite phrase and  I think I can definitely pull off a y'all! In fact I might be doing a lot more blogs with only boys for company. 
Right I'm off to do some major sorting...and packing...oh god what do I pack?!

Maybe start with this.....

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