Ducks stick together.....

This week has been intense one to say the least and I'm terrified I'm turning into a "Drama Queen" - who said you are already?! ...or even worse in parts an Askhole! If your not familiar with the word I will explain because I'm determined to get this "phrase" into the Oxford Dictionary as if I have been infected recently I'm defiantly in very good company and its enough to put me off Facebook sometimes...OK that would NEVER happen but still Its irritating.

  • Askhole:
Someone who consistently abuses Internet fora and discussion boards to post stupid questions a quick google search could have easily answered. Usually withholds relevant information so that even posters trying to help cannot really solve his/her problem adequately
 and or
 A person who constantly ask for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
Now I haven't intended to do this but 1. I haven't had time to (for example) trawl though the masses of baby websites all with horrible pop up advertising to find the best baby sling to carry Oscar around an airport with on my own, who FYI is like toting around a baby elephant 2. After then having the cheek to accept an amazing sling as a gift off one of my friends I then didn't take or want anyone's advice if I'm honest. As the husband after previously not being able to come home and fly back with us to Texas (approximately 16hr travel including a 10hr 10min solid flight if your interested) I would have had to do it on my own with a 3yr old and a 1yr old both lets call them "rambunctious". Anyway THANK the lord and US Immigration because due to a visa problem he now has to return today so we can go to the embassy in London to sort out a proper visa next week and all fly back together, excuse me.... YAAAYYY!  
I must say I didn't expect it to be this hard without Chris as he goes offshore a lot and he's been on more stag doo's than Geordie Shore Tours but it has felt like forever since I've seen him, not to mention the weight of the responsibility of putting all the bins out on the correct days and chief nail clipping duty of the boys! It hasn't helped that he has struggled to get WIFI set up and I had no signal while I was away so we haven't really been able to talk or Skype until 2 days ago. While I'm talking about Skype I will just say sorry to anyone I have ever know, I was under the assumption I was in control of my facial movements and as you know I keep little to my self but occasionally you have to, like when I'm informed of something like  "I'm pregnant for the 6th time" I can say "Ah wow congratulations" but inside I think "what the very f*ck?!".  However I have now noticed that every single thing I think is all over my face and its no wonder my face is looking more like a bit of crumpled paper, so when the husband told me he had gone for a "Black" theme in the bathroom of our new condo .....

In other news I have been particularly annoyed this week at people being judgemental with parents or should I say my parenting, this hasn't been personal which honestly is more irritating, its like when I used to discreetly breast feed my boys and the whole time I was desperate for someone to say something offending then I could blast one these people into their place; my poor shy friend was once told it was wrong to bf in public?! Its 2013 feed your baby how you want I have done both and dont think either is better. Anyhoo I don't mind telling you one bit that when I thought I was going to be flying 10hrs straight with a Tasmanian devil in my lap that I looked into child sedation, I was kidding but my friend sent me this great article Here, apparently there are things that can take the edge off if your child is hysterical. It was the comments below though that got me, some people are just so blumming sanctimonious, I will give you my car as well if any of the disgusted people, A. Have Children or B. Have ever flown long haul with them, yes you "Children should know how to behave then you wouldn't have to drug them". Well excuse me,Im not even worried about my 3yr old he can be reasoned with but my little son is just 18mths old he can not yet talk but he can run, this is not a good combo in a stuffy metal tube going 600mils an hour and what smart idea do you have to make him stay on my knee during turbulence?!...anyone? no seriously?....

The other thing that really irritated me is people saying they will be sad when the summer holidays are over...if that's true I salute you truly a better person than me. It makes me feel SUPER guilty though as I'm already desperate to get Archie into a school as soon as we hit US soil, I wouldn't have been as bothered if I didn't know for a fine fact that its not even true for some people in particular. Most of us are limping over to the last week of the holidays, skint, knackered and at times willing to tear a chunk out of your own hair out; if you miss them that much then home school them! Even K-Mid after saying she wouldn't, is now getting a nanny (called it!) its all fun until one hasn't slept for 6 weeks, you cant even remember how to shave your legs and your surviving on chocolate and paracetamol. ENOUGH on the judgement we are all just doing our best.

5 and 2 can do one this is my new diet!

Happens to the best of us Pet.

Onto brighter subjects, I have been having lots of farewell Rendevous with my family and friends to try and see them as much as possible before we all go and it is necessary to be truthful as since Chris has been away I have barley had a proper meal, I cant be bothered to cook when the kids are in bed so I've lived on biscuits, things on toast and baby food...hey there is a lot to be said for them, no added rubbish and goes *ping* in 3mins! I have also been for a lunch and lovely tea with the old girls from work...they are not old, the work is but I cant let them go they are too lush. Then I had a night out with my Best girls, Carly, Clare and Marie, we have all known each other since we were 12, we've done the girly holidays to Faliraki, relocation's, thick and thin and now we are moving on to more serious matters like marriage and babies. As I am 30 in 10days (technically next week *gulp*) and we are all 30 within the next 4mths we were supposed to be going on a weekend away somewhere exciting but due to me moving it has been delayed indefinitely. We or should I say they decided we had to have a night out, I didn't organise a thing, I didn't even know where we were going even when we got there as I had never been to these places before and we may never take that trip but I couldn't have asked for more anyway; it was a perfect night!
We all got dressed up, taxi was on time *essential*, we then went to the fantastic Pleased to meet you which is a speciality Gin and Cocktail bar, I thought this would end badly knowing us but Supper was on the cards so we behaved ourselves despite the drinks being ...MMMMM!...If I ever have a bar I want one like this especially with the gorgeous glassware. We then wandered over to Paradiso and again the food was just amazing, since having the boys I sadly usually dine in "Chain" establishments but this was a proper Restaurant, the food wasn't late at all but wasn't "Fast" either which I love because to me it means its freshly prepared, I was proved right when between the four of us there wasn't a single complaint. We all went for the very reasonable £13.95 for two courses everything was delicious, Carly and Marie said the chicken was the best they had ever had and I can recommend the Lamb Kofta its lush; oh and the service was amazing nothing was too much trouble. We then wandered down to House of Smith which was also fab and we danced the rest of the night away, in fact I felt it was like Pleased to meet you bigger brother. Its definitely a sign that I'm getting older though, I wont tolerate places anymore that smell like feet, have sticky carpets, bad décor, full of people from The Jeremy Kyle waiting room, overly loud music, no where to sit and plastic glasses sorry I'm not a toddler and people that cant be trusted shouldn't be let in. I want to be able to sit and talk my friends and I don't mind paying £7 for a cocktail or waiting 5mins for it to be properly made but I am not having it in a sippy cup; all these places got it just right.
Ash x

Lamb Koftas!

Archie and Oscars Corner

  • "Mam can I fly?"...standing at the top of the stairs.
  • "Mammy I'm gona blow you a kiss BUT don't drop it like the last time ok?!"
  • Me "Oh look Archie a cool spotty dog" Archie "Mam its called a Dalmatian..."
  • *thinks* Doesn't Alpen look better all over the floor.
Oscar: *thinks*

  • "Mam are you having a laugh putting me in this costume, I distinctly said Spiderman, at least the big un looks worse ha haaaa"
  • "Well I am not impressed one bit, I might have been sick over my Ducky but you know I cant sleep with out it and I prefer it filfy how very dare you wash it....Im sitting here crying until its done"
  • "Hey! moving rock everyone knows food on the floor is MINE"

Sebastien (Pasty) and Oscar (Oski)

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