Houston we have a problem!

Just a quicky....steady, I honestly havn't even got time to breathe this week, so please forgive me any bad grammer, missed word, spelling mistakes...more than normal!

As I predicted our Texas situation has changed to date a thousand times so far and I have been up and down more than a tap dancers wig. It is a fantastic opportunity to spend some time in America though and we now cant wait to get over there. The company are applying on our behalf for a more long term visa than the normal Esta but Chris is needed back there now for meeting etc so that will run in the background for the next few months and after that we will see where the wind takes us.

Just to keep with the complicated theme the husband has to return today and due to a few reasons I am going out on Friday. So that's me, a 4yr old, a 1yr old and a impending stroke and mostly likely a plane full angry people for 10hrs straight...oh and have I mentioned I hate flying?! I keep getting asked the same questions (which don't get me wrong its a relief from everybody including complete strangers stating "Have you not gone yet?!") so I will tell everyone now:

I am going out on Friday with the boys and the husband will already be in Houston to pick us up from the airport and our rental Condo is all furnished and ready to go. The journey will be a total of 16hrs flying from Newcastle - Heathrow - Houston this flight will be 10hrs straight! Yes I do know they have great entertainment systems but Oscar doesn't watch TV....ever and until the day I wont know if there is a spare seat for him, so for now he is on my knee trying to get off my knee for 10hrs straight....I would rather take 3 Archie's at this point. I have bought tonnes of little games/toys and more sweets than Willy Wonka so cant do anything more....apparently sedation is controversial. We are until Christmas renting our house to a friend who cant move into their new house until then but don't need us to empty it (result). As we don't know what is happening or how long we will be in Houston I can only take 3 suitcases and one small bag with EVERYTHING! Plenty of food will be consumed and swimming/sunbathing will be taking place and that good enough for us.

This week is a blur of packing, visitors and panicking, my house has been like that first scene in Home Alone, people and suitcases everywhere...I can hear the music now duh duh la lu la lu! I refuse to cry even once this week though because if just one tear escapes I will collapse, despite my family and friends doing their best including a very emotional film at the flicks and then my GG forcing me to watch the finale of "Smash" where she sings this power ballad called "I cant let go" while GG had a good blub... Archie's main concern though  is that he can take Harold...his pet shark -see below - and lots of good sweets for his last day of nursery, I better go and sort that out. So for now I will say goodbye y'all, tune in the next few weeks for our Texan Adventure and to keep up to date especially with the epic journey (I will try and do a lil running commentary through the day...if you don't hear from me its not going well) watch the blogs Facebook page
Ash xox
Look what I have found!

Arrival outfit?
Harold the pet shark, the tree is for peace and quiet time apparently!
Having one every night for my own sanity.
If all else fails....

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