Pretty Things.....

I have been so spoilt this week with some lovely going away and birthday gifts and I have to give a shout out firstly to my mate Eve who has thank goodness started her own business making all sorts of personalised printed wares called Little Eves. I asked her before I knew we were going away to do something for the boys room AKA "Dude Ranch" and gave her a simple list of what they love, as you can see below she blew me away so she can pretty much do anything. Then she very kindly dropped off a second print for me last week to take to Texas and I honestly nearly cried its so nice; both definitely getting packed.
As you can see from her site and the few pictures below she is one talented lady, I have a thing for paper and printed stuff anyway...no seriously me and the bestie Carly practically got high in the Manchester branch of Paperchase, 3 floors people!!! So this is right up my street and having a name spelt like mine, I also adore personalised stuff as can never get things normally.
Ideal for gifts and your self...I'm aiming for one in each room, that's allowed AND she has started doing the printed LOVE phone covers like mine in both hard and silicone too.
Prices are so reasonable as well check it out, just click the link below 

As I am no longer taking cake orders my second shout out is for Ladybird Cakes in Tynemouth (opposite Priory School)as my replacement...in truth she is better. Laura is an amazing cake maker, very helpful and uber honest; she has rescued me a few times with tips and lots of advice. She also runs classes and you don't have to be a professional or anything to do them its a really good day including lots of cakes to eat! I cant recommend her cakes enough but its her shop as well which is on par with her skills, selling not just lots of cake equipment but loads of lush trinkets and most importantly the Geordie Mugs stuff. If you haven't heard of them its a fab company that makes Geordie themed cards and stuff. Telephone 0191 257 1707 
My Lovely Geordie Mug cards!

Ash xox


  1. Ah lovely the Geordie Mugs products are my designs! Thanks for the blog mention much appreciated.

    1. Hi Bykerlass, sorry for the delay somehow missed this comment. I LOVE all your products and have brought a few here to Texas with me to remind me of home. Keep up the good work. x