Home Away....

Well I won't lie it's been a hard first few days, with all the unpacking, Jet Lag and adjusting. I knew it would be a bit of a culture shock but I suppose it doesn't mean it not still a shock. Chris was supposed to be off on the weekend so we would have a couple days to get centred and know the area but when I landed he told me he had to work, I was on another planet though and positively high from having both my arms back so didn't really listen. We got the boys straight to bed, I had a scolding shower *seriously felt reborn* and he ordered us a pizza. I fell asleep waiting for it but nothing gets in the way of my grub and I hadn't eaten much all day, so a few slices, a vase of wine and I was out for the count. The boys woke up at 3am and after a mad hour and some milk we all managed to go back off (couldn't be bothered to churn about anything surprisingly) then Oscar woke me up at 6am...and the husband was already gone!? I had no car, no money and didn't even know how to get out of the building, it was like a bad one night stand! I really thought he would have woken me up or have left a bit later, couldn't be helped though so straight in the deep end. 

We are living in a mega nice complex mostly professionals...well and us Dunnys *the noise warning is coming any day I just know it!* I am not joking about getting out of the building though it's like the Cryptonfactor, mazes of identical corridors ....and you get a crystal if you get to reception. It's really nice though, got a pool and a communal BBQ area and its situated in what I can only describe as a "Shopping Village" stuff your Royal Quays etc this is J Crew, Le Cruset, a Cinema, Artisan Bakery, Posh restaurants and bars so that's nice to get out of the Condo if you fancy it....not so much with the kids but we are working on a sitter. Everyone is really fit here its all bootcamp, running and gyms, even I might do a yoga class on Sunday...with Pancakes after naturally, one step at a time. The weather is much better than home obviously but almost too hot and then the most spectacular rain, it's like my hair keeps letting off its parachute, still it's nice to chill by the pool and eat supper outside. If you have been to the States you will know that everything is bigger but I keep hearing this phrase "Texas Big" at first I didn't get it until a bug flew past me and it was like a bloody spuggy, mosi's here can take on a dog, cars are like aircraft and food looks blown up...just wait you will see.

Its only been a few days and already poor Archie its like his voice is breaking, he is trying to keep it normal but a "Yerrr" or a "Mom" keep creeping in, so its Geord-ican from now on! Our condo was basically furnished, the thing I am learning is everyone has so much space, considering its a  2 bed still we all have ensuite bathrooms and walk in wardrobes, in fact the boys wardrobe is the same size as Oscars bedroom so we have got inventive with that and put his cot in there...before you start calling him Harry Potter wait ha ha. We also dusted $300 in Ikea yesterday *fyi identical layout to home* to make it a bit more homely for the boys, I'm still working on Chris who thinks we only need one set of cutlery, towels etc but as you know he's as tight as two coats of paint. Now I know Y'all are nosey so without further ado here are a few snaps of our home for the next couple of months.

Ash xox

3am is so much fun Mommm! 


Only thing used before I arrived, guess what for? Clue : Italian delight.

My mantra from home to remind me not to murder anyone! 

Best welcome gift EVER! 

Our room.

Nothing a bit of bunting can't brighten up!

I am not going home without this it's bigger than our spare room! 

Dude Ranch.

Ha ha Oscar,s room/wardrobe.

Our lil patio.

Nipped to the shop, went from this....

To this in 4mins! 

Archie less than impressed getting drenched.

Communal areas!


Texas big!

Mammy time!