Scary brew.....

It's like I blinked and over a week was gone! I want to take a minute to thank all my loyal bloggets for not only all the likes and shares but for all the "Royal Christening Pictures", going through my little homesick week I have been so touched to receive all the messages, links and that you were thinking of me. Although the Yanks love the Royals and us Brits it hasn't been made into much, I haven't seen it everywhere put it that way...although to be fair the TV seems to be tuned constantly to Disney not CNN these days and as I didn't get my invitation I forgot all about it! To be honest I'm trying not to be too offended at not being Godparent they had 7 after all and I'm sure I will be in for the next one....K Mid call me. 
It has been a busy one though for a start we managed to download Breaking Bad and put it on the plasma screen *I use WE loosely* and have done Season 1 and 2 in 5days...I know its embarrassing but we are addicted with everyone else, can I ask everyone though is it just us or do you laugh at it too? I know its serious and quite dark but I kill myself at what they say sometimes especially Jessie. Also with Halloween on its way, obviously it is MEGA here...Texas Chainsaw Massacre anyone!?... in fact its going to be hard to pick what to do as everywhere is having party's, parades and some of the house decorations are insane. Archie is sooo excited and insisting we all get dressed up, he is adamant that I am Catwoman but I remember Anne Hathaway being interviewed about her prep for Catwoman and she said that for about 3 months "She did 6 days a week combat training and ate Broccoli and Dust, that was it" so I have had to explain to Arch, I've had 2 children, eaten 1 million calories per day since I got here and I'm allergic to exercise...funny enough he didn't seem to get it but I AM going to be a Cat so that's all he cares about...try not to die laughing when you see my costume but it was either a leather Cat suit I couldn't even zip up, Little Red Riding Slut or this!

Little Mammy and Oski Picnic before I butchered his hair!

Cheese Strings are funny.
The boys are really settled into their nursery two days a week which is great ALL ROUND, the husband has been working crazy hours including Saturday and Sunday so its nice to get a few hours a week to get stuff done.... and generally sit in silence. The nursery is part of an amazing Church though and yesterday they had their "Fall Carnival" with *some American Lingo coming* Cotton Candy, Candy Corn, Jumpy House, Games stands, face painting etc it was so great and a free event. The nursery are always telling me they love the boys but they really were like celebs, Colton, Archie's new friend said "Archie talks like Pepper Pig!" so apparently they just love listening to the things we say. It wont last for long though Archie is practically American now, its like his words are getting mangled on his tongue but everything is "Awesome, Super, Mom, Suurre"...I'm not even going to correct him he has enough problems picking his Halloween costume ha ha.

This is a bad idea...even let him hold the gun.
Bake Sale....
Now I don't want to be one of those awful people who go to a different country and moan the food is different or you cant get a good Sunday Dinner in say Egypt! but the food is sometimes weird here, everything is fattening for a start, Chris ordered granola the other day but I think it was actually just crushed up Hob Nobs, you get a salad and it has strange topping like grated strawberry's and pear on, everything from sweet to savoury is garnished with cinnamon...I had some fries the other day and it was like Christmas and if you didn't see my Facey post on "Whole Canned Chicken" check out below. Anyway we found an Brit section at the local supermarket and shamelessly stocked up on a few things, the husband was desperate for some Branston pickle and I got some proper tea bags, they literally look in pain if you ask for a brew - They are not quite sure what to do, I have had it with lemon, I've had it with honey, Ive had a peppermint tea bag with milk and I have had a breakfast tea with cinnamon creamer blahhhh, I will keep you updated.  The food is still lush though and we went to this amazing Tex Mex place at the weekend, the menu was written in a Mexican accent it said "Cheekan Fahitas" ha ha, Oscar came head to head with some salsa though, he wouldn't leave it alone... but luckily I caught the reaction!

That's just Hob Nobs right?
Sometimes I don't want to live in this world anymore.
Home slice.
Lush lamp shades.

I WANT some...
 Nom Nom....

We have also been out and about this week to the Zoo, we were invited to a birthday party and just seeing a bit of Houston which is good as I'm not getting as lost anymore -actually pulled over and cried one day last week I was so lost, I told the husband I was in the Getto as well but to be fair I don't think they have J Crew there so maybe not. Although I have been surprised at how much I have missed home (the stupidest stuff as well) I think we are now settled in, just not too much because I don't want to miss here when we are home!
This was a mixed exhibit with monkeys too... 
Archie wanted to know how he gets in his sling 6ft of the ground?!

The boys....

"Awesome" duck snack.
Fish tunnel.

This lives in Texas....I would die before it even bit me.
Tiring work.
Party Fun.
Ha ha just saying....
Happy Halloween Y'all.
Ash xox

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