Halloween Week

One word for this week AWESOME! Its had a few blibs including fire ants for Oscar, a big toe nail being ripping off for Archie but these boys have literally turned insane, just tonight Oscar has walked up to the husband and said "Ta" then handed him a huge poop...still undecided where its come from! The things they are getting up to, I don't what goes through their minds, they have no fear either and now look like two abuse victims covered head to toe in bruises, bumps and cuts. For example the other day I went into the shower for about 7 minutes, when I had left the boys they were happily settled with milk and watching cartoons...when I came out I was terrified; It was like that hotel scene in "The Hangover". It looked like someone had poured a pint of milk on the sofa then held the carton of milk above their heads and spun round and round, whilst also projectile vomiting cereal and stewed fruit...don't even know how they got that off the top shelf?! Someone had also switched the waste disposal on in the sink, it was nearly burning out, there was somehow now toys and cereal everywhere. Both of them had climbed onto the dining table, Archie was prodding the speeding ceiling fan with a mop which I might add he had to go into a closed cupboard to find and Oscar was just jumping beside him copying his actions!! I seriously didn't know what to go to first and what should I do now when I need a shower??!! Child cages? I cleaned and Febrezed the sofa as best I can but it stinnnks of Babybels so I had to wash the covers and praying they don't shrink. Honestly I know I moan about mess a lot but I just want to straighten up 1-2 times a day not industrial clean 3-4 times a day...I mean actual furniture is being moved by a 4 and 1yr old?!

Its not just the small boys though the big one is as much hassle at times Ive had an incident involving sunglasses this week too thanks to the husband. I am just going to copy and paste my facebook status here in case you missed it....

So my hire car had a fault and needed to be returned and swopped over for a new car, which after I fully cleared it out, I did. Then Chris informs me that he has left his £250 Raybans in the CONSEALED sunglasses case...naturally my fault though. He has had my life for 3 days and today I had to cancel a soft play date to drive over an hour round trip to the dealership to pick them up. They didn't h...ave them and the car was now at the workshop, which I then also found and thoroughly searched the car including the hidden sunglasses case but obviously they weren't there either... I then spent 30mins on the phone back and forth with the dealership saying someone must have stolen them, they are now calling back tomorrow when the manager is in.

Chris has just found his £250 Raybans in his swimming bag.
If you manage to catch the blog regularly you will know this isn't an isolated incident where the husband is concerned. Don't get me wrong though I don't mind this one at all, this in marriage is what I like to call "leverage", in fact the more people that know the better...it grows the "leverage" *whispers guilt* and now I can save it for a moment when I need it...ok I'm weak I mean the next shopping trip! As I can no longer answer my phone in case its the dealership calling me AGAIN to say they still cant find the sunglasses and are looking into the theft.... I can smell Diamonds on this occasion I think! It might be a double whammy though if I'm lucky we have an anniversary coming up, now do I remind him so I get a nice present on time like Mothers Day?...or I could just leave it and get a bigger present later after the "leverage" of forgetting has grown. Now pipe down men folk he knows the dates just as well as me, he has a whole year to prepare, I've got my card and pressie sorted, so get with the programme boys or pay the price....this will be interesting. 
Anyway onto the Awesome bits, Halloween was as immense as promised along with a visit to a Texas/USA tradition a "Pumpkin Patch". There were a lot of options for Halloween and just locally alone the house decorations were unbelievable, I saw this one house with a tree swing complete with a family of skeletons on it, but Chris's friend from work invited us out to their house in the "burbs" for a pizza party and to partake in some Trick or Treating. Their neighbour hood decorations were also incredible, one house was like a real haunted house with sections to visit and be terrified. The goodies on offer were also off the chain...as they say here, anything from full bars of chocolate, toffee apples, toys and loot bags, but the best bit was there were goodies for the adults too, you start off with your plastic wine glass and as you troop after the  kids you say "Drink or Treat" and you get your wine topped up on the way I AM STARTING THIS AT HOME. As the kids are little they got tired after one street but it was just as well we had already swapped over to a bin liner as their pumpkin bags had so much stuff in. It was quite funny though because on the news there was a lady handing out notes that said "You are to fat and will get diabetes so don't need any candy" and another house with a Dentist who was handing out floss...weirdos.
Then the Farm/Pumpkin Patch was by far one of my favourite things I have done here and we had to drive over an hour into cowboy land to get there, amongst the Pumpkins, rides and animals there was a Corn Maze....which was fun at first but I actually started to panic when we literally couldn't find the way out. Anyway enough of my gassing I'm going to let the pictures talk.
Ash xox
Attempt at Halloween Decoration

Round one for nursery party

Think I over did the red in red velvet.

Seatbelt Selfie...only chance I ever get!
...I meant it to be blurry #gutted


1 street....
The Pumpkin Patch

Sand pit?! Not in Texas.

The rejects.


Obviously Archie wanted a mouldy one.

Cowboy lunch...that's a Jacket Potato not just sour cream.


Children of the Corn!


Back away slowly.


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