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About 6 years ago my Grandma and Granddad sensibly decided to skip the winter in England and zip off to Florida, they are not alone though there are loads of them migrating from the cold weather and are aptly called "Snowbirds". It didn't take us long to invite ourselves to stay and we have spent that last five New Years in Florida. After a few months of crumby grey weather, totally over doing it at Christmas -as you do- we always cant wait to jet away, normally on boxing day to blue blue sky's and 25C average temperature's, not to mention we have missed the Grandparents. Its not the same since having the kids, lazing about all-day not to mention the pool view has been wrecked with a safety net and my crazy Grandparents duck tape foam on any corners or hard surface in case the boys bump anything (too cute) but we still wouldn't miss it. They live about 3hrs south on the west coast in a place called Englewood and I couldn't recommend it more those wanting a non Disney holiday.

Now we are already currently stateside it seemed like the perfect opportunity for an early visit, and to be honest with the husband working 3 weeks solid and me being with the kids for 3 weeks solid the break was even more welcome than normal. We didn't plan it to be this soon as the Grandparents had only been in the country 2 days but the husband got a few days leave so we didn't ask any questions and booked up. Chris had to be back at work in 5 days but we decided it would be nice for the kids to stay on for another week so he returned to Texas half way through. I have to say it wasn't my best idea to give myself a day to pack for four people to go to Florida but champagne problems right!

GG as per usual had our....lets be honest MY suite ready complete with imported British magazines, after a few months without any family or boy help it was honestly one of the best days ever to have some home comforts and extra eyes and hands. Five years in, it really does feel like a second home, we have friends, know staff and have little traditions now. The absolute first place I have to visit is called the Spinaker, it doesn't look like much from the outside but inside it is a traditional American diner complete with red leather seats, its serves the best French Toast and Pancakes EVER. The second place is the Ice Cream parlour at the end of the street called Swirls and Curls, it has hundreds of amazing flavours like "Trash Can" and the best thing is their homemade hot fudge sauce though, I love their mismatched lawn furniture and games like hoop toss...its a struggle not to go everyday for a couple scoops and throw a few hoops. I think I prefer the more laid back life style to busier Houston and I really love all the snowbirds too, they are so canny "we LOVE your accent" and I was told 4 times I look like K-Mid!!! but we are literally the only people under 60 in the vicinity so I wont get a big head just yet.  

A beach trip, a BBQ, me and GG shopping then making Margaritas to name a few more makes it a holiday. I think Florida has to be one of the sunniest places on earth and its no wonder so many people migrate there everyday, its so bright even if its ever chilly. The worst part of it is always leaving (not for the Grandparents I bet though ha ha) last year the day we left it was 28C and we landed in the UK to -4C and blanket of snow - ouch! This year that was not a concern returning to even more humid Houston but drama does tend to follow us. So firstly, two days before we leave Oscar head dives off the sofa, even though I was standing right there and got an enormous egg on his head and a nice scrape. Not content with this later that day Oscar climbs off something just 1ft high at the park and falls on his arm, no big deal until he wont move it...when he started to sit still for more than a meal...that's when I worried. So me and GG trouped off to Hospital naturally in the night - these things always happen at night- the hospital couldn't have been better and LOVED Oscar as everyone else was over 90, the nurse even said it was a nice break from "Gods Waiting Room" ha ha ha (evil but funny).
Anyway after a little grilling about the egg, scrape....old ant bites and other general bruises the little man has broken his wrist! He has a shiny blue cast (with a little spilt in the back so we could fly home) and luckily it hasn't even slowed him down, in fact he has discovered its a weapon to clatter us all with or his new favourite is to drag it back and forth on his cot railings in the morning shouting "MAM, MAM". Secondly I don't think I put enough thought into the fact that I would have to return to Houston by myself with two boys...one now with a broken wrist. "Epic Journey 2" to follow. Anyway despite the little accidents we have had an absolutely fantastic break and after weighing myself this morning it is no wonder I have put on...lets say a few pounds.

Love you loads GG and Granddad Max. 
Ash xox
That will do me!

Best view...despite life saving net!

99c Raybans!


Coolest kid in town.

Dolphin Watching.

If you insist.

Food Porn.

Little Chef.

Safety Foam...still broke a wrist.

 Hoop toss.

Blue cast.

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  1. Looks fun, awesome food! You can't beat American bacon!

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