Christmas in a Week ...Day 2.

Well another day at the very coal face of Christmas, it wasn't the best idea to stay up until 2am watching "Sleepless in Seattle" when I had to get up at 8am to take Oscar to the fracture clinic, felt physically sick getting up (at 2am Texas time) but it was all ground work, not a Christmas film but still a corker. Oscar thankfully got his cast off though and I'm actually afraid to see the water after his first proper bath in weeks I think it will look more like petrol. We went straight to soft play for a long over due catch up with Archie's girlfriend which was nice they sat in Santa's sleigh.

Me and Archie had a bit of a craft sesh today, I not only managed to write out some Christmas Cards but I made some as well!! I bought the stuff in America and forgot until I unpacked so we had some fun making those, I didn't want to out do myself and only made 10, so if you get one of these its like a bloody golden ticket. They are not really Christmassy but I think they are cool, even got red envelopes and Christmas stickers. We also took this opportunity to write the letter to Santa which is great as Santa hasn't been shopping yet, however Archie being Archie his list wasn't entirely conventional. I copied word for word what he said and as you can see the results below....does anyone know where I can get a "Crab Costume?!"...or anything else on the list. This whole Santa thing is a bit much for Arch he is a total believer but he cant wrap his mind around it at all he are a list of questions I have been asked today:

Mam, what if Santa:
  • Gets stuck?
  • Catch's on fire?
  • Gets dirty?
  • Gets our carpet dirty?
  • Forgets Oscar?
  • Gets Oscar more toys than me?
  • Dies before Christmas?
  • Doesn't like Mince Pies, I don't like mince pies lets leave chocolate instead?
  • Wakes me up?
  • Steals the TV?
  • Falls off the roof?
He never stops blah blah blah I can take some blame but honestly don't know where he gets half of it he's only just 4 I cant remember having this much angst about Christmas as a child. We also watched "Miracle on 34th" and went for a double whammy with "Jingle all the way"...I told you we are pulling out all the festive stops here. However now the boys think they know Karate and have chinned each other for the rest of the day....thanks turbo man.
Tomorrow I will tackle:
  • Going to try and squeeze in a visit to Santa...after today this should be interesting.
  • Film choice "Elf"!
  • Present buying, I've done a few bits and pieces while I have been out but I need to up my game tomorrow, Santa needs a kick up the bum but I also need to get some nearest and dearest sorted. I have been told I am a good present buyer which I'm not sure of but I'm not going to lie if you have a huge family or present list at this point your f*cked unless they all don't mind getting an identical chocolate orange and a soap on a rope. However here will be my strategy/tips for getting a good gift. Instead of getting useless tat or coping out and getting one of those awful gift sets of fragrances, smellies etc that cupboards the world over have lurking at the back, try this.
WANT: First have they specifically said they "want" for example a bottle of Chanel or a coffee maker. Brill cant go wrong here can you. Sorted.
NEED: If they haven't mentioned anything what do they need, underpants? socks? ...men believe it or not woman do not need anything from Ann Summers....essentials that are luxury always go down well so make them CK undies or Cashmere socks.
WOULDN'T BUY THEMSELVES: None of the above apply? Don't know their ...ahem...underpants size? Then get them something they wouldn't buy them selves. I once got my friend a bottle of moisturiser of her favourite perfume she loved it as wouldn't have bought it herself. My sister in law once got us all concert tickets, we all had a fab night and I wouldn't have thought of going.
GIFT CARD: Failing all of the above don't buy loads of tat, its not inventive but they can buy whatever they want. My personal favourite is M and S, you can get loads of goodies from clothes to food.
Comfy shoes and snacks...repeat...comfy shoes and snacks.
Ash xox


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