Christmas in a week...Day 1.

Ok so I didn't slap Christmas...I kicked it in the head! Seriously never stopped today. As promised we got a tree today, I had it on good authority that the best place to get a "fresh" tree was Peter Barrats so we made a trip up there, I loved all the Christmas stuff but I instantly remembered why we have had a fake tree for the past 5 years and that is 1. The price, we paid £70 for a 7ft tree...its staying up until next Christmas. 2. Putting it up, well I'm certain it has Spinabifida and Oscar hasn't helped by wrestling it but it looks drunk no matter what. 3. The branch's, you know when you see snowy trees?...that's fake I don't think this could hold dust, it dropping baubles quicker than pine needles...almost. Anyway it smells nice and its fully decorated so we will enjoy it. I also managed to buy a gorgeous hand made wreath from my friend at "Naomi the Flower Girl" complete with oranges and tartan ribbon, its so nice I'm frightened it might get pinched off the door. Along with my Nativity, some "classy" tinsel and extra lights the house is decorated BOOM!

I did an enormous ASDA shop today....I love a good ASDA everything under one roof. I got lots of food NOT because like half the population I think Christmas means food rationing is back when in fact the shops are only shut for 1 DAY but because we had not a scrap in after being in Texas, I also got clothes, several presents, cards, cello tape, paper and some Christmassy things. Nothing says Christmas like Satsuma's, Cheesy crisps and Mince pies. As promised we also watched "Arthur Christmas" ...while decorating the tree with a mince pie naturally and LOVED it. Although I have to say I am deeply disappointed in Sky, in the Christmas shop there is no "Home Alone" or "Love Actually" master of all Christmas films so I will have to lend the DVD's off my mother...she's got more than LoveFilm so bound to have them in, otherwise I wont be able to pull this thing off and feel appropriately festive.

I didn't manage to write out the cards but I forgot to mention as its not Christmas related but our delayed luggage turned up so I had to unpack 6 cases today and I think I have done rather well on the other scores so it will have to wait until tomorrow and the few people getting cards will have to get them first post now, last day on Friday.

So Tomorrow I will tackle:
  • Card writing out....I've decided this will take a while with Archie.... helping.
  • Put a Christmas CD in the car...this is surely like pumping Christmas into your veins right?!
  • Christmas film choice is "Miracle on 34th Street"...the new version its much better than the old one. 
Even making the font Green.
Ash xox



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