Christmas in a week...Day 3.

Are you still with me, have you leap frogged over me and now done or lagged behind? Had some hilarious messages off people in the past couple of days expressing they are part of the "Not ready for Christmas" club, we are like junkies or something...I mean how very dare we not be. There is ever mounting pressure though, If every person you have spoken to today has not blurted out "Are you ready/done then?" and followed up with "What are you doing for Christmas?" I will buy you a selection box. I love Christmas but it is only ONE day. So chin up and onwards. No real blog today as things haven't really gone to plan...first this happened.
Then this....
Whole life Story....
Most Jolly Man on earth...not to everyone.
 "Dodie tree" in case you don't know this is a famous tree in Fenwicks every year that babies can give up their Dodie, Dummy, Binky etc forever to Santa....Oscar was drooling.
Santa thinking: "Weirdest kids I've ever met"....
"Don't mind me Santa, I'm just gona open it straight away..."
So feeling a bit frazzled, I did manage to get half of my gift list done though. The husband is out so starting on a bottle of Rioja (need it to scrape me off the ceiling), Hunger Games and a wrapping fest...Perfect.
  • Continue to shop and wrap
  • Probably put my entire Tree back up again.
  • Have a Christmas Night out with my girls...its Black Eye Friday peeps got.to.be.done.
Oh oh and I am delighted to say I think Sky have taken my personal email of complaint and Home Alone is now on the Sky planner...you're welcome.
Ash xox

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