Christmas in a week....Day 4 and 5.

Well no blog yesterday and nearly no blog today because of yesterday! I didn't think I over did the festivities but its my first girls night in a while with my besties so feeling a bit fragile...by the looks though of a lot of work doo's in a right mess I know I am not alone. Christmas continues to roll on....whether I want it to or not. Been for a little fresh air and a Colemans Fish n Chips its the best in the country, seriously its won an award and now I feel much better, even managed to get a little pamper in and have my nails done which are gorgeous at Persona. I have now done 3/4 of the gift shopping and still technically got three days left  but as I said I want everything done BY Christmas eve so I can relax a little and enjoy. So although I would rather stick pins in my eyes than go shopping tomorrow that's on the agenda as well as food shopping...actually scared for this part. We are going to my Mams for our lunch which will be nice and another thing off my mind but we have stupidly offered to get the "Meat" as well as needing bread and milk. My mother despite cooking for 6 people insists she needs a 22lb AT LEAST  so this should be fun trying to get a fresh turkey bigger than toddler on the Sunday before Christmas but in for a penny in for a pound!
I managed to wrap some presents yesterday but I realise I am going to have to get some help if I'm to ever get finished, it took me 3 hours to wrap about 8 presents. The gift tags started off with full names and season greetings, they have now been downgraded to a name and if your lucky a kiss. So the husband will be now dragged into help...this might not go down to well as the other night he went out while I did my wrapping fest. Then when I went out last night...he also went out....not really sure how I got the chief wrapping job but no more, cello tape gun lets shake and bake baby! We have had a little pizza party tonight with the boys best friends SO nice to be reunited with them and  we exchanged gifts, that's right I have started exchanging gifts...even if some arnt even wrapped #rightontrack. We have literally just booked right now  to go to the Pantomime aswell tomorrow with Archie...Oscar would not be a good addition to this outing so Uncle Pip is looking after him. I literally cant wait myself, I'm not massively into them even as a kid but I will love to see Archie's reaction.
So tomorrow:
  • Shopping for presents and the biggest Turkey in the north east.
  • Wrapping, Wrapping  and more Wrapping.
Film choice: Elf.
I think I might make it, what about you?
Ash xox

My bestie made this, how clever.

Festive nails.
Whale and Chips.

3hours work.

Cutest gift tag for my niece.

Best friends.

Best homemade decorations, ever....EVER!

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