Christmas in a week...Day 6.

Absolutely amazing Christmassy day today, I was dreading going food shopping and I would still have preferred to pluck out each hair on my body but it was made marginally better by the fact husbands bike ride was cancelled...and then made to come with me. We got there for 9am, It actually wasn't that bad at first but somewhere around the bread section the air changed and you could hear a stampede coming so we ran for our lives to the turkey section. We managed to get the biggest Turkey in the shop and despite it being 17lb = 2lbs + of meat per person, Mother Bear isn't happy she wanted an Alsatian size one. Still we waded to the tills through the crowds and ...they weren't even open ! What the hell?? Never mind we got sorted  AND choose the all important carrot for Rudolph. Then the boys cooked me breakfast which was a real treat.
We then went to the Pantomime at the "Mill Volvo" theatre to see Sleeping Beauty, it was amazing. I haven't seen a Pantomime for years but it was totally hilarious and we all really enjoyed it...what's that? ...no we didn't. "Oh Yesssss we did!" ha ha loved it. Now sitting with a smorgasbord or cheese, pate, chocolate and nice bottle of Red watching Elf and doing some wrapping WELL AND TRULY in the Christmas spirit now. One more day to go, still got a bit gift shopping to do tomorrow...but what's the chance of it being busy?! 20hrs solid wrapping and I might be done.
Ash xox

Milking Christmas!

Waiting for the strike of 10am.

Best Carrot in the shop.

Cooking lesson, only thing in life
 that's important...Bacon.

Waiting for Sleeping Beauty...

Excited Much!

Evil Queen was hilarious. 

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