I'm slapping Christmas back...can I do it in a week?

Ok I know there are tonnes of you out there more organised than a Royal Wedding for Christmas but I literally haven't done a thing! As per my last blog, December has just crept up on me, I only got back in the country 2 days ago and I now have an extremely excited 4yr old for Christmas but I haven't done.a.thing. So are you as unorganised as me? Fear not we can do it! We have exactly 7 more days until Christmas Eve, to get it all done and feel festive at the same time. Granted I'm not at work this week but I've got wicked bad Jet Lag, two insane children to look after (husband is still at work) and I've got several appointments to catch up with including trying to get Oscars cast off so lets say I'm not time rich either.
Tomorrow I will tackle:
  • Decorating the house, If Archie asks me one more time when we will get a tree I wont be responsible for my actions, so that will be the first thing. Get a tree, this year we are going for a real one as its the first time in 5 years we will be in the country around Christmas so a Norwegian Spruce it is. Then dusting the spiders off all the decorations in the loft and get this place looking like Santa's Grotto.
  • Buying and writing out Christmas cards, now I'm not going to lie this late in the game distant relatives, end of the street neighbours and generally people I haven't seen much in this year will not be getting a card this year however the last 2nd class post is on Wednesday and the last day for first class is on Friday.
  • I will also be doing shopping at ANY opportunity for presents, cello tape, wrapping paper etc.
  • Oh and this week we will be watching a different Christmas film each day so tomorrow is "Arthur Christmas".
Lets do it!
Ash xox
Welcome to Heathrow

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