New Years Peeve!

I cant decide if I hate or love New Years Eve. We measure an hour in 60 minutes, a day in 24 hours, and a year in 365 days naturally we have found a start and an end to a year so that's from the 1st of January - 31st of December. I will start off with the evening its self which I have never been a fan of anyway. Its expensive, busy massively built up. You cant get served, a reservation, taxis home? Forget it! It is therefore always a bit of a let down. I have tried to avoid this by booking various things, I've seen in a new year in New York, Sydney, Edinburgh, Paris, Lake District, London and Florida and they were all OK but were they amongst the best nights in my life? nope.
I find it a weird notion that one night can bring the end to a run of bad luck, start a fresh, make you magically love the gym and.don't.even.start.me on "Dry January". I think its a bit of a dangerous concept to box every experience good and bad into "A Year". What happens if you got married but a close relative died....is that classed as a good year or a bad year? What happens if the whole year has been terrible but on the 28th December you win the lottery how do you class that? Don't get me wrong there is something delicious about being able to say just one day later "Last year" and put a heap of crap behind you...I'm sure even if Miley Cyrus gives birth to kittens on stage tonight and they start twerking she will be cashing in on the "Last yeeeeear I was a complete nutter/slapper" however if you moved house last week and someone pops in for a cuppa in January you will quickly be informing them while eyeing up all the boxes "Oh we only moved in 3 weeks ago"...not last year!?
I feel the same disdain about New Years Resolutions, while I admire the effort, has anyone EVER truly kept one? Normally I would be rolling by eyes at everyone obliterating their liver tonight and then tee total for the next few weeks and I would be happily put on a stone instead of panic buying Z list celebs fitness DVDs and throwing out Ferrero Roche however I might have to be a big fat hypocrite and join you all this month (except for Dry January) as totally over indulged this festive season....I am still not 100% committed yet I will see how I feel on the... like maybe the 3rd and only if the selection boxes have ran out! I'm more of a "each day as it comes" kind of person and while you cant really change your health (I mean if massively fit people die doing marathons what chance have I got) or your fate or the future for that matter but positive thinking surly has to help? I really believe that only you can make your own destiny, so go and get it!
This New Years Eve we haven't been able to get a sitter which until about an hour, when I saw a man in a Tuxedo in M and S obviously having a posh party emergency, I wasn't that bothered about not going out...I said I have never had one of the best nights of my life on NYE but that doesn't mean I don't want to keep trying. However the little men have had a trip to Smyth's Toy store and a golden Arch's and me and the husband have a Smorgasbord of treats, several bottle of wine and gona see if we even make Midnight...perfect!
Happy New Year, may the best of your past be the worst of your future!

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