Goodbye Festivities.....

I think each year Christmas has a theme, you know when you speak to people after the event its weird but even people who don't know each other say the same thing "Oh it was quiet" "We all had the flu" "It was BUSY" and this year is the year of "God I have eaten and drank soooo much". I am well amongst everyone and have totally over done it but have no desire or interest in going on a diet. I find it hilarious that we all have a Pony with chips washed down with tonnes of wine and 24hrs later we are having celery and 4 hours at the gym. I cant bare it. January is by far the worst month of the year, everyone is skint, fat and lets face it a little depressed. "The most wonderful time of the year" is over, even the weather is hung over and after a week or two of lying in watching back to back Friends re runs and eating selection boxes for breakfast it REALLY hurts getting back into your routine. It is going to be a particularly hard month for me as well as I'm going to be a single parent with the husband away with work. I'm already a few days in and I literally don't know how people do it...seriously. On the plus side there is less mess and we are having beans on toast x3 for tea, instead of making a 2 course meal.....I still need to throw like a major party/ball  "We survived January"!
I had a lovely Christmas though, it was our first one where the boys were REALLY excited for Santa,Archie actually shook when he saw Santa had eaten the mince pie and I have to say kids are hard graft but this one morning a year makes it worth while, totally magical! It was also extra nice to catch up with everyone I haven't seen for nearly four months. Despite cutting it fine to be ready if you were following my blogs in the lead up Christmas in a week!, I was limping but I made it and very enjoyable it was too, even managed a child free wedding. Did everyone pay attention to "Dwaine the Drain" and NOT pour the fat from cooking copious amounts of meat? Well I didn't cook a turkey as went to the mothers(and nearly laughed myself sick at a game called "Drink every time Mam says f*ck") but she was well warned about the fat situation and the ham we cooked was drained into a Tupperware and made into a bird cake by stirring in some feed with it. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics before "Homer and Marge"...that's the pigeons that reside in our garden, I named them that 3yrs ago after I watched him try to be "amorous" with her for over an hour. He is nearly as fat as a chicken and she is thin with a tuft on her head...anyway they ate the lot.
To survive the "January Blues" I am going to try and to do lots of new things or things I never get the time for so stay tuned ......Me and Archie already made a start by having a little date day going ice skating and loved it!
Ash xox
God just looking at these it feels like for.ever ago.
Reindeer Dust...naturally.
Oscar trying the carrot!
Archie NOT happy he cant open presents now.
Has he been?
Who buys this for a child?!
SO happy!
Made for me.
Your welcome Dwaine!
Best present ever off the brother.
The husband did the boxing day swim...nutter there was frost on the sand!
Great favour.
Brotherly Love.
This is how you do New Year kids.
Date day with ma big boy. #retro

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