Baking and the British Heart Foundation! #rampupthered

On the 7th of February it is a "Ramp up the Red" day to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Corony Heart disease is the UKs single biggest killer and if you have read my blog
you will know this is a charity and a fight very near to my own heart. So this month not just on the 7th, I will be baking my socks off to raise money for this amazing cause and every penny I make will go to the charity.

How can you get involved?
I have a few things planned still to be finalised but I am going to start with:

Buy a Chocoholic Cake.

I will be making these for a donation of £40 throughout February. I'm blowing my own trumpet but I don't think you will find a better Chocolate Cake, it is so rich, covered in treats and it will serve 20-30 people.

Got a special occasion a birthday, sorted! Valentines Day this Friday ...I for one would prefer this more than a bunch of flowers! How about to share at work or a Uni Class like two of my orders?!

I can alter it with any sweets you like on top as well.
So if you would like one for your love or yourself please get in touch here "contact me" its for a good cause. I can only make so many so get in quick.

Buy a raffle ticket for a Chocoholic Cake.

I will also be making a cake to be raffled for £2 a ticket, drawn on the 
Friday 4th April 
Donate £2 to my just giving page below and I will write everyone who does name on a piece of paper to be drawn at random.

If your feeling generous and donate more than £2 your name will go in more times and increase your chance of winning. £10 = 5 tickets/chances and so on and so forth. 


"I'm ramping up the red for -MY DADDY COOL!"

  So far....

Inside incase u wanted to know!

Manic day baking but kept this on the fridge to remind me why Im doing this.
 This is Gretel shes only 4 but has had two heart operations.

Then for the final cake I ran a raffle and the results...

Well done Kay!

Final cake...phew.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, ordered or even bought a slice! We have raised a whopping £540!!! Just from chocolate cake. 

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