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I have eaten here several times now and every visit the food has always been amazing. It’s a strange place for me though because without this very building I wouldn’t have even been born! I don’t mean as it is now in its uber sleek but comfortable eatery style but as previously an office for Fisherman to collect their wages from. If you have read my other blog "My Daddy Cool"  you will know the North Shields Fish Quay alone holds a lot of nostalgia for me but this building is where my mother became a secretary and my Father one day came into collect his wage packets and the rest as they say is history....

I was delighted when I first found out about 4 years ago that it was going to be at least refurbished and into a restaurant but if I’m honest I thought it would have been more “Pub Grub” type affair. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it has in fact now led the way to pull the Fish Quay up by its nets with a few more great eatery's popping up every year, I would go as far to say this is the now the new Tynemouth. Irvin's (adore how they have kept the name) has been completely transformed, spacious with clean, crisp interior design, I also love the open kitchen taking center stage at the back of the restaurant. If your dinner date takes a loo break or there is a lull in the conversation....I believe its called compatible silence....It is actually like a free theatre show to watch the chefs go to work on your meal. 

My hairdresser asked the other day “What type of food is it?” and I didn’t know how to answer “Really good?” pushed I would say “Gormet British”, fantastically embracing fish considering its surroundings but great meat dishes elbowing their way in too. The menu is ever changing but keeping some firm favourite's, ironically the things I always seem to order like “Craster Kipper”  or the “Cote du Beouf”....an amazing platter for two that I can’t believe anyone has ever finished. The atmosphere is always warm, relaxed and I think "adult" with a smart or casual style both fitting in. Although children are more than welcome and we have taken our two terrors in for Sunday Dinner before personally any dining experience with them is stressful including but not limited to the McDonald's drive through, so we always book a babysitter where possible and leave them at home.

Sharing baked Camembert


Our most recent visit was on Valentine’s Day, I loved the chimnea giving off an open fire feel and a live singer who reminded me of James Arthur belting out romantic tunes, including our wedding song “Make you feel my love” by Adele, very romantic. Since it was Valentine's day I went for smarter style pairing a skirt I bought on sale for a quid including the belt, with a Michael Kors Blazer and bag if you're interested. Although we usually order a bottle of wine I decided to indulge in the “Valentine Cocktail” which was delicious, a mix of Prosecco, Amaretto and I don’t know what else.... but I had two. The only downside of coming here is I always overdo it to the point I can’t breathe and our plans of “another drink or a night cap” go out the window. This night was no exception but after a cup of the delicious fresh mint tea I got a second wind and had to order a platter of Petit Four....my life will now never be the same without the Coconut Truffles.

Everything gets full marks from me and via Twitter I have just heard they have started doing Breakfast....so as soon as I can get a babysitter, I will be down to sample that with a fresh newspaper.
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We have since returned with the Boys for Sunday lunch and everything was just as good, to the point the Chefs knocked up Fish and chips for them not on the menu because it's what they wanted. That's service.

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