Mother Days Guide. #Dads

Unfortunately this year the husband will be away for Mothers Day so I wont exactly be getting the day I wanted but I feel its my duty to do a guide for the Dads, especially with little ones out there so the Mums, Mams, Mammys, Grandmas, GG's and Nanas get exactly what they deserve.

Now men folk I know you don't get it but there are 3 reasons this is important

1. We know your not bothered if you even get a card on Fathers day, in fact for at least the last five years my hubby has said in reference to every birthday and Christmas "Your present to me is not spending money...if I want something I will get it"....yeah we are NOT like that we want the stuff. Simple.

2.Having to ask for something is as appealing as being a professional nappy changer...oh wait we kind of are. So get your imagination out and your surprise on. The surprise is the most important bit.

3. We have earned one day in a whole year. I know this exact argument is going on right now between parents the world over "Who does more, who has it harder" but just face it Dads we do....even if we just win more in the worrying stakes alone.

Repeat after me. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

I'm not saying this should cost loads of money NO no this really is one of the days where the thought does count more, however I might as well give you all the options.  

Step one: DO NOT FORGET. "I've been busy this week" or "I didn't realise it was this weekend" wont cut it and trust me sneaking off to write out the card on the actual morning or a mad dash to the supermarket will have bad side effects...maybe months from now. I guarantee you she is thinking "You had a whole years notice?!". Santa cant forget or be late and neither can you.     2 weeks today folks.

Step two: We want a lie in. Not a wait until the kids wake us up and then we have to wake you up, remind you its mothers day, push you out of bed and then you all make more noise than a brass band for the next few hours. NO. You need to listen for sounds of life from the crack of dawn then quietly get up with the kids, and keep them entertained for a couple hours....quietly.

Step three. Breakfast in bed. Even tea and toast will be much appreciated, croissants, pancakes, egg and bacon will be even better. Please note though we don't want to share so drop and leave also unless your going to do the dishes as well then don't cook. 

Tip. My kids love this type of thing so getting them to help and even making a place mat or a "room service" card for Mummy to make her brekkie requests and the little ones play waiter.

Here is a printable one.

Step four. Get a card. Buy it or get the kids to make it ...best thing in the world.

Easy home-made card. Adore it.

Step five. Get a present. A bunch of flowers, chocolates, wine or jewellery (maybe keep the receipt for that one) all gratefully received...at least one per child though. Just saying.

Personally love all the spring blooms really cheap this time of year as well.

Major Bonus Points.

Personalised gifts, Save, Spend, Splurge.
Make a canvas print maybe with their hand and footprints on. This will be messy  but its cheap the canvas and paints both from Wilkos cost a few pounds VERY effective.

Hand and foot printed crockery. There are loads of these shops around hopefully full of Dads, the hubby tells me the staff are very helpful to make your gift. One of the best things I've ever received. 
We used Hotpotz in Whitley Bay very helpful.  

Finger print jewellery is not cheap but uber cute no matter the age of the child...I'm hoping for some!
 A local retailer is Smallprint-Newcastle

A Meal.

Us Mammas love not to cook and even more we love not to do the dishes. So a meal out on the day is always nice or one of my favourites, Afternoon Tea somewhere special.

This is Jesmond Dene House...epic.


These are the type of things we physically find hard to book guilt free for our selves so are much appreciated as it forces us to pamper ourselves....its like us buying you derby day tickets.

Really nice smellys, go safe with things you know she likes or go for something luxurious. I personally love all the Elemis range....been asked for specifics. The body oils, hand lotions and shower cremes are lovely as are Molton Brown products and Jo Malone Candles all big treats.  

A voucher for a Pedicure, Massage etc. Gel Manicure is the in thing. Cal Gel is my favourite but Bio Gel and Shellac are good too.

A whole spa day?....be still my beating heart.

Free Time.

Its ironic on a day that we are celebrating being a Mother we don't actually want to be around our kids the whole time. So a few hours peace and quiet would be one of the best gifts going....we are fickle like that.

Mothers dream.

So go on spoil your Mam and tell her you
 love her, life is short!

Ash xox

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