York. Girl time. #YOLO

Well after the husband had been away for 9 weeks solid with work I was more than ready for a little break, some girlie time, sans children and I knew I would have to leave the area or would end up tidying up! I immediately asked two of my best mummy friends Mandy and Christine if they fancied a trip away I shouldn't have doubted they would be a sure thing for company both having 2 kids the same age as mine. As it was only 72hrs before we were wanting to ...run away, we all frantically rang the husbands and asked...I may have begged for a pass out, miraculously the 3 of us got one; let the fun being. At first we (I) got a bit carried away and had us about to book 3 nights in Majorca as it was the Bank Holiday week so why the hell not, however the husband hadn't even landed in the country at this point and It was maybe a bit much to jet off the minute he hit UK soil; not to mention, could he even remember how to change a nappy?

So we decided to cut it down to two days and 1 night more local in York. I have only ever been once before when I was 14 with school and some French exchange boys...needless to say we didn't really take in the sights, but as soon as I heard Mulberry (outlet) I was in. It is now 48hrs before and as I had to pick the husband up from the airport so I left the details in the girls hands...just tell me what I owe kind of thing. At this short notice everything was nearly booked so we HAD to go First Class on the train...oh no ha ha and the hotels were showing at 91% full for York so no 5* accommodation as hoped but the girls did a brill job and sorted a perfect hotel for us. From this moment on until we were on the Train we must have all sent about 100 group messages each with what we are packing, how nice silence and freedom must be as we couldn't quite remember etc

We decided to share a taxi to the train station and get an 8am pick up...well had to milk as much time as possible, but I was so excited as the girls pulled up, I actually forgot to kiss the boys goodbye as I ran out the door, I waved some of my dust away and did run back in though. I had the girls laughing when they saw that I had brought a little picnic including glasses but they stopped laughing when they realised it was a bottle of Moet, OJ and freshly baked Pain au chocolate...well I could sleep the night before I was so buzzed. So we settled down in First Class and none of us spoke for a few minutes...was this real? had we escaped? had we really at 72hrs notice left 3 husbands and 6 kids under 4 unattended? YES. Yes we had, yee haw. I had it in my head it was at least 3hrs away but a quick flick through some magazines and we had arrived in the lovely city of York and it was gloriously sunny too. Perfect.

Best picnic ever...

Bit Stepford wives as we cant quite believe we are free....

We stayed at the Radisson on the river which was only a 10 minute walk from the train station and a 5 minute walk from all the shops, we had specifically booked a 3 person room but they didn't have any when we arrived, however they quickly sorted it so we had 2 rooms for the price of one so no biggy. The next 24hrs were honestly some of the nicest I can ever remember. This is how it went Shopping, Tea Break, Shopping, Jamie Italian lunch, Cocktails, Shopping. At this point I noticed my nail varnish had chipped, I have been called the "Nail Police" and it truly made me queasy I felt like someone had chopped those two fingers off so we decided to get manicures...why not. We then had tea break at Bettys and went back to the hotel to get ready...we couldn't believe it was 6pm already. We got glammed up, no one was shouting "Mammmmy" no one wanted anything, we had the music channel on not C bloody Beebies, it was just heaven.

Plenty tea breaks...

Just perusing Hotel Chocolat, why not.

Ladies what lunch.

Cheesy polenta chips....yum!

I love my boys but there is something about the girls in my life they just lift you, we are all on the same wave length and it really highlighted how much I needed some girl time. When I was shopping no one was standing 1cm away from my shoulder...sometimes singing why are we waiting? If I wanted to try something on, no problem "So do I". Just as I was flagging it was like my mind was read and a voice would say "Anyone fancy some tea and toast?" The day before this I went shopping with the hubby and I had a bottle of water - I bought myself from boots secretly - in 4 whole hours and nothing more. When we were getting ready no body asked me "No really when do you think you will be ready?" or have a toddler lunged at me in the shower looking like he has invented fire..."saves a bath" We were all feeling it when Mandy said sorry I'm taking time with my make up...."NO problem babe take as loooong as you want" Christine then said I can never do the back of my hair properly "Here why don't I do it" she looked like I had given her £100...it was all so nice.

As we passed some of the popular bars on the river we had planned to hit up it was apparent they had been mobbed by stag and hen party's and after seeing a girl throwing up in a door way and the sun hadn't even gone down we decided to go to the 'Swinegate' area which has some nice cocktail bars we particularly enjoyed Bora Bora, with the heat lamps and incredible cocktails it felt like we were in Majorca. We honestly laughed our backs off about all sorts and had a proper night out safe in the knowledge that we didn't have to be up at any particular time, we had even planned on getting some food but voted for more cocktails #yolo (You only live once) quickly becoming our moto. Besides there is nothing better than a BBQ pizza and chips on the way home which we naturally got in the wee hours.

Just chilling in the changing room cos I can. Dress from Zara.

Had to be done.

Wearing our new togs...can you tell a drunk stag took this?!

"BUT first let me take a selfie"...standard drunk one.

Whats that?...SILENCE.

SILENCE....that's all I could hear when I woke up, I thought I had died...and gone to heaven! Ha ha cant emphasis enough how nice this 24hrs was. I have to say I felt hanging but after a slap up breakfast and a bit more shopping I soon perked up not to mention me and Mandy had secretly booked Afternoon Tea for Christine as it was her birthday that week so a great treat. Mandy found the perfect place 'The Cedar Court Grand Hotel'..trust me it lived up to its name. From the moment we walked in it was luxury all the way, every member of staff was beyond polite and decor was so decadent...I even took a selfie in the loo it was so nice. The afternoon tea its self was just amazing and I'm sure they are more used to lady's in dresses and lace gloves, but this was just what the Dr ordered for 3 slightly hungover ladies heading home. My favourite was the lemon meringue disguised as a 99 ice cream. Not going to lie we didn't exactly skip to the train home but back to reality it was and truthfully don't think I could have handled another night out...well without a lie in.

Birthday Girl.

Best toilets ever?


  1. Love York so much, we went for a day trip just a few weeks ago! I'm very jealous of your girls weekend away though, that sounds like an even better plan.

    Remind me to take a leaf out of your book next time I'm on a train, your little picnic looks fantastic!

    So glad you had such a great trip, I've made a little note of the afternoon tea so I can give it a go next time :D

    Chloe x

  2. Thaaaaanks Chloe! It was amazing really enjoyed it and so lucky to live close. We are already planning the next one as it was sooo nice. Got to have a picnic and afternoon tea though. Ash xox