Souter Lighthouse Pirate Day. #SouthShields #Colemans

On this particular day we had planned to go to our local beach for the day but when we woke up it was verrrry cloudy and a bit cold so we started to look around for other things to do and I noticed a tweet by Living North Magazine that Souter Lighthouse was having a Pirate Day, we have been meaning to visit for some time also as my boys are crazy for anything 'pirate' and Archie immediately asked would 'Carribean Jack' be there...that's 'Captain Jack Sparrow' to you and I, we were SOLD.

For those of you that don't know, North Shields and South Shields lie on opposite sides at the mouth of the river Tyne. We live in North Shields but we have a few friends from South Shields and often wind them up that 'NORTH' Shields is the best Shields or "The best thing about South Shields is the view of North Shields!" This of course is not true and both of them have their merits for example I especially love how the South side is not as built up along the coast as the North side, with lovely expanses of grass called the leases...Just don't tell our 'Sanddancer' pals. - Slang for people from South Shields.

We have been frequent visitors to the "dark" side normally for food. On a rare night out we sometimes get the ferry across, having a drink in the lovely 'Allum House' and then usually go for a curry, there is a fantastic selection of restaurants but we love the 'Zeera' . In the day with the kids we love to go Marine Park for a wander, feed the ducks usually take the little steam train around and then ALWAYS go to 'Colemans' for the best Fish and Chips going...seriously we sometimes make a special trip for them.

Perfect Pirate setting.

However we have never ventured any further, I had no idea that Souter Lighthouse was anywhere near the centre though never mind just 10 minutes out. We easily parked in the FREE car park even though it was very busy and couldn't believe the event was free too, normally it would have been £14 for a family ticket to visit the whole property. We went straight to the garden part and I already loved the red and white stripy lighthouse, I would have liked to actually go inside but the boys went straight into some kind of mental frenzy where they didn't know where go first between all the great activity's going on. First they hit the wooden Pirate Ship but suddenly noticed "Caribbean Jack" playing games and legged it in his direction.

I have to admit I was kind of creeped out by 'Captain Jack' because he is THAT good! He was playing all sorts of games, ribbing parents and kids alike, everyone was loving it though. It was exactly like the actual 'Captain Jack' and he didn't even break character when I asked for a card to possibly book him for Archie's birthday party...despite him having a totally different theme already picked out its now allll pirate stuff! After tiring themselves out dancing "with a peg leg' or like 'a monkey with fleas' we all went over to the bouncy castles. There was a standard one and a one that was a bit like more like... 'Total Wipe Out'. Where they set two kids off at once in a race together. Needless to say Archie treat this like his own personal 'Hunger Games' actually pushing his brother over on the way in! Still it was more of the 'waring out' which us parents adore. 

Archie acting like the 'Hunger games'

We then moved onto the craft section which was all very reasonably priced and no wonder they were all so popular. Oscar wanted his face painted for sure as a Pirate...then a Tiger...then Batman...No definitely a Pirate. The lady Izzy was really talented...if for nothing but to keep Oz still for a few minutes and he loved his makeover. Archie decided he would rather do the clay craft for £3, I thought it would be a waste of time as he is only 4 but I couldn't have been more wrong. The workshop was excellent, Mr Flowers helped him make the head and then let him use his own creativity....we were blown away by what he made and he absolutely loved it too. It is now pride of place drying on the mantle piece "For at least 3 days Mammy!" 

We had packed and brought a picnic which most people obviously had the same idea  and were sprawled out on blankets enjoying too. However when we realised how close we were to Coleman's... we decided to have the picnic for tea and go have the Best Fish and Chips in the world, seriously they have won all kinds of awards but see for your self. The takeaway next door is just as good but we prefer to sit in, doing it properly ordering the works including a pot of tea, peas, curry, bread and butter. The staff are always so nice bringing the boys colouring stuff and cooeing over them...yes even my boys! We all left far too full but very happy and cant wait for our next visit.  

Good Pirate food.


I was tweeted by Souter Lighthouse to say there will be another 'Pirate Day' on 27th August so definitely get along.

Ash xox

Got a little souvenir for our Sandancer friend.

Souter Lighthouse Here
Captain Jack Here
Izzy Facepainting Here
Mr J B Flowers Here
Colemans Here


  1. We love pirate days at Souter Lighthouse - they are such good value. My kids love playing on the pirate ship and taking it in turns 'walking the plank'

    1. We have never been but totally loved it. I think as the boys are getting older we are less limited on things to do and nap times so looking for things to do....been reading your blog. I've heard they have a star gazing and hot chocolate in the winter!

    2. My friend went to the star gazing and hot choc event and said it was fab. I could quite fancy it x

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