Who can afford that?

As some of you know we have been having a house extension done and need to decide on the decor like yesterday, so I have been acquiring some decor magazines...when I say acquiring I mean I bought everyone this month but still cant see much I love. So now I have since been "borrowing" back dated ones from the Drs etc, probably risking some horrible Ebola type virus in the name of interior design! I love magazines I really do, in an age where I am (guiltily) addicted to my Kindle I still get my "book" smell hit from them, I love how they feel especially a big fat glossy one and watch out the person who opens the fresh cover before I do. I have grown a little tired with them lately though, I used to buy nearly every one available per month especially if I am going on holiday...god aren't those plastic covered summer issues with mini sized free goodies inside addictive? but despite all the inspirational sometimes mouth watering pictures even if its not food actually being featured; who can afford any of this stuff?!

Nothing nicer.

I know what I want for my new decor scheme I just cant seem to find it so its really frustrating when I see something that just might go on the short list but then I realise its going to cost more than my whole bathroom suite?!....also still to be decided. *cry face* I'm all for the beautiful life, I think that's why I love blogging because it makes you appreciate the little things and see the highlights in even mundane things but there must be attractive homes that don't cost sooo much surly. Just an example here of a nice little home in London, fair enough that means that you might also have to sell a kidney to be on the property ladder in our fine capital but for this normal young couple not Simon Cowell, this 3 bedroom house cost £800k, it goes on to say they have spent £150k redecorating the pad....Who has got nearly a million pounds in their late 20s?! I'm not being ungrateful, I love my home but people in these magazines are getting kitchen bench tops that cost more than our full extension. I see a nice 2 bedroom house in Cornwall a steal at....£450k again the owners an average looking family like us with 2 children have spent £69k to give it a lovely 'Seaside' theme. I then read on further and this is just their Holiday.Home...What kind of job do you need to have a £519k place for odd weekends?

I love to see incredible things I know I cant have, just looking at them makes me feel apart of them but I cant be only one who wants my own incredible, beautiful and stylish things but on a more thrifty budget. It doesn't stop with decor magazines either I also love fashion magazines but again when I am looking through the pages and see a lovely dress or jacket (my new fetish, Autumn is coming...sorry if that's upsetting) and a magazine that cost's £2 is advertising clothes that cost a mortgage payment?! Who are these people flicking through these and thinking "I must have that Gucci skirt despite living in the attic at my parents aged 34" because I'm told that's the reality of it, most people I know cant even afford to move out yet never mind spend a months wages on some boots. I have a few designer items...have I told you I have a Mulberry Del Rey bag? have I? have I?...but its a massive treat or on sale sniffed out usually at my mecca TK Maxx, by my GG's famous talent for a quality bargain. 

Pride and joy!

I cant imagine a day that could bare to spend £2k on a pair of shoes, I love the thrill of buying something that will look and feel great on you but you can get this on our amazing high street, do these people even know about Primark?... me and my bestie actually squealed when we saw our first 3 floor one. Some magazines are OK they are on the 'Rich' radar, with "25 Beautiful Homes" I know its going to be like cribs inside, "Vogue" obviously its advertising coat's that would pay for an all inclusive family holiday. I know I can barley afford to read these, but with these cheaper magazines I'm blind sighted, when I don't see Beyonce featured in the kitchen I quite like, I'm a bit shocked to see it costs a third of my house. Are we not in the worst recession this country has ever seen? All I'm saying is, Magazines out there please start featuring more normal people and affordable wares...until then I will have to keep reciting what I am forever telling my boys "Just look!"

Ash xox

Can only just afford the samples on here he he!   


  1. Hahaha, just choked laughing at the first paragraph! I love your writing style. But really this ebola thing is pretty scary eh?!
    I totally know what you mean though with finding interior decor that you love and when you do it's like the most expensive option lol. We're moving to a new house at the end of the month and will now have two living rooms...so sofa, tv, coffee table shopping extra is proving stressful.

    Hope you show us the end project!

    Best wishes, Danielle x

    1. Hi Danielle
      Thank you and yes I am terrified about Ebola, all it takes is someone to get a plane here! Its so expensive to decorate and furniture a home. I am right into up...I want to say upcycle but that sounds wrong? Anyway getting a bargain from gumtree etc and making it lush again. If youre local there is a great site called "Whitley Eeeebay" always fab bargains on there. Ash xox

  2. I think it is lovely to have a board . inspiration is key . You keep going x

    1. I am loving it Claire! I'm going to Tynemouth Market now to get some more ideas/bargains, are you local have you been there before? x