25 Day Mumma Challange!

I am not an earth mother, I admit it, its not a secret. Most of the time I find all this REALLY hard. When I was a "Working mother" I had all these ideas that if I ever became a SAHM I would have SO much more time for things like music classes, pavement chalks, baking and generally one on one time with my off spring. However it turns out that if you spend a lot more time in the house with children they create a lot more mess. They constantly want feeding, which means more dishes and washing...I have to mop my kitchen floor everyday of things like spaghetti, cheerios and milk puddles. I should have more time but I somehow have less? Plus said 'classes' are really expensive and creative things....well make more mess. Its awful but true. We all know how busy 'working mums' are as well. A teacher friend recently confessed that her weekends are purely now for catching up on housework not having family fun...said family are also piling up more housework as she goes. 

The point is its sometimes easy to forget the important things and make time for our children, especially now one of mine is in school. So I've devised a challenge for myself and hopefully you will all join in, even in a few weeks time there is no set date. I've seen these before on Pintrest etc but they are quite religious and so I've made my own. A 25 day challenge, one task each day to smash. I adore my children and of course already kisses and cuddle them, do fun stuff and spoil them but this will be the extra mile for them and me... some I could definitely master.  
So here it is.

The 25 day Mumma Challenge!

1. Let your child pick whatever they want for breakfast.
2. Teach your child a new word.
3. Organise or do one special thing just you and your child within the 25days.
4. How do you want your child to see you? Be that all day.
5. Today’s focus: Patience....well because yesterday was probably hard.
6. Give as many extra kisses’ and cuddles...as they will allow.
7. Do not criticise your child today.
8. Laugh A LOT with your child today.
9. Don’t shout at the children for the whole day.
10.  Teach your child something they can’t do themselves.
11.  Do not interrupt your child when they speak....even         on question 348.
12.  Today’s focus: Joy
13.  Bake, make or buy them their favourite food. Let them help.
14.  Ask your child’s opinion.
15.  Do something for you without the children, simple or pure luxury. Me time.
16.  Do something you wouldn’t normally allow, that you know your child loves.
17.  Think of a Mother you admire and emulate one of her best qualities.
18.  Let your child pick dinner.
19.  Turn off your phone/computer etc when your child is with you, dote on them today. Stuff Chores.
20.  Do something healthy with them, point out its importance.
21.  Today’s focus: Love
22.  Read a book with them you haven’t read before.
23.  Dance and sing like crazy with your child.
24.  Let your child pick an activity and DO it no matter what.
     25.  Tell your child “You are so glad they are your          son/daughter” and 5 reasons why.

I'm really looking forward to it, if you join in please let me know and send any pictures. I will be loading the daily task on my Facebook page, here. So if you haven't already please "Like" to keep upto date.

Good Luck.

Ash xox

P.s Of course Dads are welcome too.


  1. Why you still reading this blog then??? Get over yourself

  2. I think that not criticising your child for a day is harder than most of us would think. And I'm damn sure that as a mother I certainly CAN control my child. Blogging is opinion based. If your own opinions are so ingrained, maybe you shouldn't read others as they are likely to at best, prickle you and at worst, cause outright offence to you.