Call the Police a toddler has scratched someone!

Omg what was I just saying about Over protective parents?! Last week I poured my heart out about the hell I am suffering due to my over excitable (a bit naughty) 2 year old and other very overprotective parents. Who when my son acts 2, occasionally gets violent, I apoligise, he apoligises and the parents still go mental?! As you can see here.

Little did I know it was just the begining, its like I could sense the storm brewing and Im so glad I wrote the above blog because its had such a good, suppotive response. I'm glad its not just me that realises a 2 yr old being a tinker is normal and while its not fine to hurt another child if its addressed, apologised for...what more can be done? Some parents seem to want blood shed back though. If it had not been for all your support though, after today's incident I would have been a blubering wreck and probably be £100 lighter frankly. I hope your sitting comfortably, it now feels like a dream I am so in shock of this, the top dog of all Over Protective parent hissy fits.

I will set the scene. Yesterday I woke up to said 2 yr old with a shiner better than Mike Tyson could have done. Cut a long story short and 6hrs in hospital later he has Cellultis which is a bad skin infection and quite serious when around the eyeball. He is on strong antibiotics hopefully will get rid in a week. So after a day of no fresh air we decided to take the boys to the skate park, where the 5yr old immediately went flying head first and split his chin wide open...like wide open. So another 3 hrs in hospital and a chin full of stitches. Stressful day to say the least. This morning after dropping Frankenstein at school, I took little legs to soft play, fat eye and all to run off some steam as the skater park hadn't worked out; to be honest I was sitting a little in shock anyway from the last 24hrs then...

A boy a bit bigger than Oscar hit him over a toy he had, Oscar pushes him back, this goes on for a bit and they even start to laugh over the back and forth. However I can see it will end in tears and just as I am about to split it up Oscar nips/scratches his face; boy started it Oscar has finished it. I am still hobbling over fast...have I mentioned I also for no reason I have an Elephant ankle?! The mother has swept the little boy into her arms and is already telling Oscar off....Point 1. Oscar was wrong there but her son started it? I go straight over anyway.

Me: "No no mustn't fight Oscar that's not kind you cant scratch" Say to the mother. "I'm really sorry" 
Oscar has legged it into the soft play.
Me: "I know, just let me get him" 
Retrieve Oscar, tell him off again that isn't nice in view of mother. Oscar, straight over to the little boy being clutched to his mothers knee, acting like he has chewed his entire arm clean off. "Soweee" kiss and cuddles little boy.
I think the mother would have pushed Oscars cuddle off if she could have. 
Mother: "He's bleeding you know, he REALLY scratched him" 
I cant even see a mark but approx 4yr old is still snivelling on her knee. 
Me:"Yeah I am sorry and Oscar has said it too"...walks away, can't do any more?
The mother as I hobble away gives me total daggers, waffles on to her two friends, keeps child on her knee.... speaks to staff member and requests a cloth for his face. 
Staff member: Clearly been asked to..... get the Manger?! 
I literally cant believe my eyes, this was just a toddler scrap wasn't it? There wasn't major bleeding, injury or scarring was there? 
Mother: Tells the Manager all about it obviously pointing at me.
Oscar: Has now come over to me with a book and is angelically sitting reading it with me...no really.
Manager: Comes over and tells me what Oscar has done.
I feel bad for her, she is now obliged to come over BUT the mother has obviously left out that I was actually there and made several apoligies. 
Me: "I know what has happened, he has said sorry what more does she want?" 
Manager: "I don't know but the little boy is upset"
Now I was thinking of leaving anyway but I definitely am now, this is ridiculous. The manager is having a sit down with us, the mother is glaring over and any time the little boy try's to go she is clutching this towel to his face...god forbid he is OK.

Now I tried to keep my cool I really did but honestly what more could I have done? No really anyone else in this situation, your child has been nipped possibly a tiny bit of blood, mother and child has apologised what more can I now do? So as I am leaving, I pass their table and ask "Is he ok?" Noticing there is NO blood.

Mother: Disgusted chewed off arm face, "Well I suppose, there was actually blood!"
Me: "I know and I am really sorry but he is only 2 and he has apologised"
Mother: "I know he has but he really nipped him and its so violent for a little boy"
....Sorry my mouth hung open for a bit.
Me: "He is 2 and has an older brother so..
Mother "HE has an older brother too and is used to 'rough' play, but that was really nasty"
Me: "What more can I do?! He has said sorry, so have I?  Seriously is there any more I can do?"
Mother "I know but he is just upset, and there was some blood"
Me: "Are you for real? If you know he has said sorry and you wont tell me what more I can do why are you making such a scene. This is TOTALLY ridiculous and completely embarrassing to get the manager to my table over a toddler scrap. Why don't you call the Police?!" 
Mother: "Well I think it was really nasty that's all..." 
Me: "Look we have said sorry, it wasn't even that bad I cant see blood, last night my other little boy tripped and put a hole in his chin so you could see the bone, THAT was a lot of blood and after several stitches he didn't even cry but who do I blame for that? Get over yourself.

Stormed off. I cant believe there are people in the world like this, it was like resolving it was a secret. Beg? £100? A bag of sweets?....nada. 

If this was you (always a small chance) What's more nasty a 2 yr old retailating but realising his mistake and apoligising or a middle aged woman with a vendetta for a 2yr old?! You're a knob. Fact.

He's not that bad is he?

Ash xox


  1. Ugh I strongly dislike this woman I've never met! Wish Oscar had scratched her face haha x

    1. Thank you Ellen... Truly vile woman hope I never see her again! X