Rainy Day and Half Term Hell.

Now the nights are darker, the weather is getting wetter AND its half term. I am all of a sudden struggling to find things to do with the boys in doors that don't cost a fortune. We are not even half way through this week but I have a child who started reception in September and is now used to being entertained 24/7 too.

I'm boredddd. 

So we have had a trip to Poundland and Wilkinsons which I was really impressed with for their craft selection and very reasonable. Had a bit of a binge and going to do the the following:

Face Painting
Colouring in.
Making a Dinosaur (its a kit £1.99)
Painting...while Oscar is in bed.
Cut and stick.
Blowing bubbles, yes even inside.
Balloon Animals
Board Games

Ignore sh*t hole behind please 
the kids are making memory's.....

Also here is the blog on how we have a Home movie night.

I've decided to dedicate one day to MESS and then do the 'dry stuff' after that. I may have wine while we do it but its the holidays after all ha ha. We never used to drink in the house, literally 5 yrs ago there was one dusty bottle of sherry in the cupboard. Its no coincidence that I've just put 6 bottle of wine on the online shop.

Thank you loooord the "Food Shop" has arrived! 

What do you like to to do with the kids in doors any tips appreciated and I will post your pics too if you send them?

We can do this! 

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