Gingerbread Biscuits. #recipe

I love baking and had dreams of doing it so much with my kids but lets face it, its hell. Total stress, mess, more stress, not listening and then a bit more mess. I do like this biscuit recipe though as I can make the dough in advance and then let them roll it out, play and it cuts down dramatically on all of the above. For really small children you could even make the biscuits and then just let them decorate them when they have cooled.

 115g Butter
 175g Soft Brown Sugar
 4tbsp Golden Syrup
 340g Plain Flour
 1 tsp Bicarb
 2 tsp Ginger powder
 1 Egg. 

Put the butter, sugar and syrup in a pan and melt on a low heat.

 Measure out flour, bicarb and ginger and when the pan mixture is melted take off the heat and add the flour, then the egg and stir like mad until all combined. 

Tip into a large piece of cling film and chill in the fridge for 30 mins or you can do this the night before.

Please excuse the total shithole the
 children are making "Memories"...

 When ready roll out and make whatever shapes you like, put on a greased baking tin, bake for 10-15 mins 170C until edges are just golden. 

Transfer to a wire rack after 5mins. Let them completely cool and decorate how you like!

I use a few tbsp of icing sugar and a few drops of water to make a paste then stick tonnes of sweets on. 


Ash xox 

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