Christmas Crazy!

I love Christmas as much as the next person but it all feels a bit much at times. To be fair there is A LOT to do and unlike the husband I know Christmas doesn't just happen. As I peer over my brew at the building chaos going on around me, right now there is no flooring in the hallway or wallpaper actually, so Christmas is on the back burner at the minute but I feel like it is clawing away slowly at me. With each person who has put their tree up or asks me "If I'm done" I feel a bit more on edge. 

I am not fretting though as 1. The decorating WILL all be done for Christmas eve and by that I mean carpet down as well as a tree up! 2. Dedicated bloggets, remember last year when I got completely ready for Christmas in a week?! For newbies we landed from Texas just one week before Christmas, massively jet lagged and I swear to god I hadn't even done one thing. I did a running commentary of the week and it was really funny those of you who were championing me on and sending me messages as part of my dirty "Not ready in October club". I have had a good giggle reading through and to be honest its given me a kick up the bum to remember a few things like BOOK Panto ticket's now and don't get too drunk on Black Eye Friday!

Anyway here is THAT week from the archives, if you have a tea break...or wine o'clock have a read through maybe have a giggle. 

This pick still makes me howl...

Christmas can be done in just a week.

Ashlie xox

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