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Just as you can see the end of the armpit that is January, you know everyone's waist is fatter, wallet thinner, the weather is shit and your body is trying its best to hibernate you, I am going to drag you back to December and the festive period. I don't want to depress you, nooo, I just want to give you a fuzzy glow, to share what we were up to, to reminisce....OK I'm not gona lie I'm way behind with blogging and kind of took December off with out meaning to. I still wanted to blog about some things though because they were fab and we will definitely be booking them again. So without further ado....

We kicked off the Festive Season with Archie's first nativity which was so cute, and my boy was a mouse.

Polar Express

That same day we took a trip on the Polar Express and I literally cant put into words how good this was. When I booked it I thought the price was steep but that's what magic usually costs, however after the trip me and the husband both agreed it was more than worth it; everything was top quality from the train decoration, to the staff, to Santa. You must watch the film first though as this brings it to life. I'm not much of a crier but I honestly had a few tears when we got on the train, the music was playing and the boys were almost alight with excitement. The Station is approx an hour from us but some people had travelled as far as 4 hours. If you are local to me I would leave extra time because the journey is all cross country and took us a good hour. Luckily the husband had put it into the Sat Nav in the morning and noticed it would take longer than we thought. So with all our PJs on (a must, only a few Dads had opted out) we headed off, I had made the boys a little picnic tea too for the ride in Christmas Boxes which they loved. After we got of the motorway and started cross country out of nowhere and I think this was the only day in December for it to happen but it just started to bleach down with snow?! We literally couldn't believe our eyes, me and the husband were so shocked but the kids were excited and matter of fact in that "Of course its snowing Mammy we are going to the North Pole!" 

We then arrived at the station and from the minute you get there everything is in Character which is great, as well as the hoards of other guests in Pj's including a Granddad in a full Elf onesie; it just adds to the atmosphere. We picked up our tickets which were exactly like the film and boarded the train. We opted for the Premium Carriage and a 4 table but you can split it and get 2 seaters so everyone sits next to the window but not each other, a 4 was best for us though to trap Oscar (age 2) in; to be honest though he was like an angel and thoroughly enjoyed it, for anyone else wondering about taking small ones. From this point everything was like the film, even the chefs going mad singing the "Hot Hot" song while serving Hot Chocolate and Cookies. There was also the conductor stamping their initials in the ticket, a Hobo, dancing Elf's, a trip to the North Pole where Santa boarded, a visit from Santa where he gave both the boys a jingle bell. It was non stop fun, magic and lushness! Cant recommend it enough.

Booking for the Polar Express.

The Panto 

We then took a family trip to the Panto, Cinderella at the Tyne Theatre which in my opinion is the best one in our area and the tickets are more reasonable than the rest too. This is our second year, I love how they use local actors particularly the hilarious Charlie Richmond, also from the Pot Noodle adverts! We all wore Christmas jumpers, with the husband winning for the best one by far and got to our seats early which was nice as we got to have a cheeky bevvy before hand. The Panto was absolutely brilliant again, really funny and the kids loved it with Oscar sitting for the full thing. There is a bit at the end where kids are asked to come on the stage for a chat and a goodie bag and my boys were selected! It was literally one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed and I am pretty confident now they are going to be the next Ant and Dec. They had the crowd eating out of their palms, absolutely in hysterics  and the video wont load here but its on my facebook page here if you need a laugh. Sugar Rushed. Again I will be booking for next year which is going to be Aladdin.

From then until Christmas Eve was a blur to be honest, have I mentioned we have had an extension done...only 1 million times ha ha. However its finished and we were frantically painting, laying floor and moving furniture to get moved in time for Christmas. As I type there still isn't much furniture or curtains up but we are in and I love it! I love Christmas but sometimes I feel a bit over or underwhelmed ...I cant explain but I think I'm always chasing the feeling I had as a child, however since the boys have come along it is definitely one of my favourite and best days of the year again. On Christmas Eve I had made the boys gift boxes for a few pounds to get ready for Santa Claus coming, which they loved and we had our annual party in the evening with me and the Besties family all getting together. 

It was my turn this year and I did a non Christmas feast (as I don't like to over do it before the big day) with Brown Ale Beef Stew and some Mulled Wine, the boys were in their PJs from 5pm and like most parents I had heard the international space station would be going over at 5.22pm looking just like Santa. So we all watched out for him and the boys nearly had kittens when they spotted it, Archie swearing Rudolph had waved at him. We put out our Reindeer dust, the carrot and treats, read 'The night before Christmas' and off to bed for them with 0 complaints. After a bit more Prosecco the grown ups disappeared, so Santa could visit. I heard the boys get up at 5am...but they must have forgotten because we dosed until 6am when they suddenly burst into our room asking "Had he been?" He had and very generous he had been too. I think I got the biggest shock with my pressies though, after me and the husband had agreed just a few stocking fillers but he had made a trip to Mulberry, Jo Malone and Small Prints to have the boys fingerprints made into a necklace...which I bawled my eyes out at! We had both the brothers and the mother bear over for lunch after a quick pub trip, I cooked but everyone pitched in. You know that scene out of friends though with Monica and Thanks Giving when everyone wants something different? I did have a moment like that when the one brother was asking why the stuffing wasn't in the Turkey, the mother wanted mash not roastie's, the other brother was winging it was late and the husband wanted Yorkshire puddings something our family doesn't do, but I just politely told them to f*ck off.... Crisis Averted, lovely lunch and then plenty of booze and chilling after that. Unfortunately it all went a bit wrong after that when I got the Flu, and I mean deathly, dizzy, flat on your bum for a week Flu, so we had to cancel our kid friendly New Years party and a very vegetative quiet rest of Christmas break but still very nice.

Spotting Santa!

Ahem...testing the carrot for Rudolf and a woman with a beard on TV.


Spoilt Rotten.

Bawled my eyes out.

Love a bit of tat.

Meat feast...well I was happy.

Love my new PJs.

Chilling like a Villain.

My Christmas Cake and our fab pressie off the in laws.

Best thing about Christmas.

New Years Eve prep that never happened....

Dying together with Disney.

Hope you all had a really great one and all the best for the New Year!

Ashlie xox  

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