Mr Grey saw me.....#50shadesreview

I was quite late to the Fifty shades hype, I think some of the baby's from the "Boom" allegedly caused by Mr Grey had been born before I had even heard of Christian and Anastasia. It was in fact the husband who asked while we were having a very rainy little break away in a Caravan if I had read these books fast becoming all time best sellers...strange that they were also classed under the cringe worthy title 'Erotica' ha ha. Anyway while getting some supplies the next day I picked up a copy of the first book. As I said it was pouring down, in a confined space with a 3yr old and a baby I jumped at the chance of a distraction...well actually I booted them out to splash in puddles with daddy for the day first.....by the time they came back, I had hopped in the car and was driving around in rural Scotland looking for the second book! I loved the whole thing. A poor quite plain and innocent girl is seduced by a stunning rich guy, blows off her socks, shows her a new world and they fall totally in love, perfect trashy novel. There were a few things I questioned I'm not going to criticise the writing like some because I'm dyslexic and didn't invent the English language...seriously how many books have you written or had published? Sure EL James is laughing all the way to the bank with her bad grammar. 

However some of the sexual encounters were suspicious, I along with a famous book club in Utah have doubted its possible to have an orgasm from nipple tweaking alone but there are that many flying around the books I didn't get too hung up on it. I also find the criticism that these books promote Domestic abuse, absurd and I wonder if the protesters have even read the books. For a start its a.made.up.story....there is also the fact that some people enjoy being dominated which has nothing to do with abuse. She is fully consenting...they even have a contract and thoroughly enjoying it, not to mention in this relationship that they both moulded, in return he completely adores her. Its been a while since I was dating thank god but I chat to my singles ladies and I can remember all angst of liking someone but he hasn't called you back, should you call him? Is he really into you? and so on....horrible. However with Mr Grey there is non of that, he doesn't play games, well apart from in the bedroom, his cards are on the table, he calls her immediately and all the time. Who wouldn't like to be showered with gifts, multiple orgasms, be treat like a princess and have complete devotion from a stunning man?! In case any men are reading this, why do we all want Christian Grey, yes being a billionaire and therefore wanting for nothing would be nice but that's not it, its actually really simple = Woman just want to be adored. So how that could be portrayed badly I don't know and spoiler alert they also live happily ever after. So after almost inhaling the books I was super excited to see it brought to life on screen.    

The film was always going to cause controversy, after all reading a book is a private experience and will it match up to what millions of different people have imagined in their mind? Not possible. The massive hype and critique was enough for Charlie Hunem to promptly withdraw as the first announced Mr Grey and I was also doubting the second, Jamie Dornan. Anyway I knew that I had to get tickets for the opening night and see what the craic was...literally ha ha. So me and two of my girls got booked up weeks in advance and couldn't wait for our special girly night; I have literally been like a 5yr old on blue smartie espressos until the 13th was finally here. I even got my nails done, in red naturally, but I wasn't alone as the salon had apparently been full of ladies also getting their hair and nails done for a night with Mr Grey. First we went for food...Nando's naturally and a few glasses of wine, I def was going to need a buzz to watch what might be quite a steamy film with my friends, they were also serving drinks inside the theatre which was a nice touch as the atmosphere was positively buzzing, I've never seen it as full. It was mostly woman but I did notice a few men which I truthfully thought was weird. I would never have brought the Alpha male with me as he hasn't read the book and after just trying to explain why it would be quite nice to be slammed up against an elevator and kissed by a stunning billionaire his reply was "Just in lifts?" PASS. I suppose some people might want to give their man some ideas or thought it would be a good Date night but I was much happier in my girly gaggle; nearly everyone was cheering or clapping when it started, it felt a bit like a slumber party.

Treats and Nails Done.

Guess who got the short straw of sitting next the MAN!

Mr Grey Will see you...

I loved it. Not disappointed at all as my bestie nervously asked me afterwards, I think she was scared for me since I had built it up so much. Maybe I'm just easily pleased as I had no real complaints of the books or the film...its probably I just like a bit of escapism having two crazy little boys. I have seen some stuff on social media along the lines of  "50 Shades of shite" and according to my brother I am the only person so far who likes it. However I think they had a fine line to tread here, it isn't a porno which the book could easily be and after being coined "Mummy Porn" the toned down saucy scenes may have pissed off some raunchier customers. It cant possibly go word for word to the book either so some things were missed out, again die hard's wouldn't like that. To boot the scenery and people wont possibly match everyone's imagination and finally some people haven't read the book? So they are criticising something they cant reference and probably will find a bit confusing or boring after hearing its a bonk fest in writing. Its also only the first book but I get the impression some people expected 3 books in one film. Anyway here's my thoughts.....

I had doubted Jamie Dornan as CG, in my mind he was 6inchs taller and more buff like Henry Cavill...you know Superman?... with some copper highlights of course, would have been it for me but I was very impressed with his performance, undeniably gorgeous, tortured and powerful and that's it now, he is Christian Grey. If possible Dakota Johnson was an even better Anastasia and identical to her in my mind. Apart from her hair not being perfect as promised on page she was naturally beautiful, sassy, smart and adventurous very good job,  Taylor was quite yummy and younger than I had thought too. I wasn't as keen on the others if I'm honest, Kate wasn't the supermodel described, Elliot either and Mia was played by Rita Ora, who new?! I don't like her very much but she is literally in it for a nano second so it doesn't matter. *Spoiler alert* Mrs Robinson aka Eleanor isn't in it. I knew something was up when I hadn't even seen a glimpse of her in the trailer and I know she was more heavily featured in the second book but she is completely missing as well as Mrs Jones the house keeper. The office girls at Grey Inc need a mention because they were absolute platinum blonde clones and at these first scenes with one famously saying "Mr Grey will see you now" I heard a few people tittering "Its just like I thought!"

The Movie.

The book is obviously more in depth but you get to know Ana's every emotion and thought, Its almost too descriptive and builds a constant state of anxiety about her but in the film, in a way a lot is different or skimmed over. For example they barley touch on Christians family who we meet quite well in the book, as are the above characters who are completely left out. However it didn't really matter to the core of the story and the thing I noticeably liked better than the book, apart from Christian and Ana being so animated was their rapport. Ana's lip biting nervousness was still there but better, its like she has found her backbone and is giving as good as she gets on screen and in return Christian is leaning in slightly. I cant recall her saying "Oh My" once so its more like watching a power couple develop than a Cobra take down Mouse, as all these crazy protesters saying Christian Grey is a wife beater would have you believe. It's playful, its magnetic, its clear as day sexual chemistry, the cinema laughed out loud several times, especially at the reading of 'The Contract' and if they can make "Anal fisting" funny, well claps all round. If I had to describe the film I would say, Its like a Rom Com with Sex. While we are on the subject at the saucy scenes, my toes weren't curling but I thought they were quite naughty, if you want more, watch Porn...or True Blood. If I'm truthful (boring) all of that to me is just like pepper to a meal, its very welcome I wouldn't want the meal without it but its the story I enjoyed most, Its like a modern...granted a bit fucked up but a fairy tale and I hope to god they make a sequel film! 

Ash xox   

The after party...

Cant even remember this possibly why I look mental! 




  1. I haven't read the books but I love Jamie and seeing his interview on Graham Norton at the weekend was enough to convince me I'd quite like to see what the fuss is about. So I'm thinking of going at the weekend :)

    1. Chloe Pllllllease read book 1 before you go!! both great but better if you have read the book x

  2. I have read all 3 books not seen the film yet though but knew it wouldnt be too much like the books as you say it would have to be sold as a porno, to tell you the truth though reading the books I actually got sick of the sex scenes the first couple of explanations was great but ended up same old thing I loved the story line though im a sucker for a happy ending really looking forwards to seeing the film and im sure next valantines no 2 will be showing on the big screens ��

    1. I agree loved how steamy the first book was but after...oh he's just finished and ready again *yawn* its not natural ha ha. Love the film, hope you enjoy it x

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