Liverpool Love....

I'm sorry Newcastle I'm having an affair. 

I'm in love with a different City called Liverpool. 

I have heard many times people waxing lyrical about this city and often heard it being called Newcastle's twin because Liverpudlians much like Geordie's are friendly and like a good night out. I have however up until now never been. So when the husband had an impromptu business trip stretching over the weekend and I'm technically his secretary I was delighted. So hubs set off on the Wednesday and I booked my train, again blown away at how expensive it was to meet him on Saturday and drive back on Sunday, so the deal was done. Once again the cavalierly were called a time share between our Nanny Lauren and  GG and Hawkeye (my grandparents) with bless him my Grandad insisting he come at 6am to pick up the brothers grim so I could get to Liverpool asap. While I was delighted at first I hadn't comprehended what it would take to have my house nipping, me and two children all packed up and dressed by that time in the morning but a child free day in mind works wonders.

Hawkeye was laughing at my uber organisation for the boys!

Nothing Chocolate cant make better...

At first there was going to be some form of work and scribing for me to do but upon arrival the firm the husband was working with had provided not one but two assistants and he needed to work the full day now not just a few hours poor thing.....but what's that? A day without kids and a husband...In a city known for shopping. Major fist pump going on. So after meeting the hubs for a quick coffee break, swopping of the hotel room key and being given directions...I know its like a bad one night stand at this point ha ha. Anyway I checked into the lovely Hotel Indigo in L3, which is in a great location for the shops and more importantly the bars, it also has a Marco Pierre White restaurant downstairs. Where I saw some lovely afternoon teas and cocktail going on...the shops were calling me though. I headed off at full speed to the "high street" not having an actual clue where I was going but it didn't matter as I hit a huge Zara within minutes and that was me happy. The first thing I noticed apart from how smart the town centre is, that girls walk around totally glam with a full head of rollers in. I'm told its completely normal and essential for the right hurrrr doo that night....I would just be worried that I would do it all then change my mind when my Pjs and Netflicks looked more temping on a Saturday night!


I cant remember the last time I had a shopping trip on my own, not even a friend who you feel conscious not to try on to many things and take appropriate refreshment breaks. Just me and thee though was realllly nice, to do exactly what I like it, I had forgotten how nice it is. So I pottered around, tried not to spend a mortgage payment in a 3 storey Paperchase....oh.my.werd. I went for Sushi, got a new outfit for that night, had my nails done, got lost in a make up hall and had to have a Nutella crepe...naturally. I'm not going to lie shopping is hard work and after my 5am start I was pooped so back to the hotel for a few pre-drinks and a pamper before the night ahead. The firm that the husband was working with sorted us out with some plans and managed to get us in for drinks at The Panoramic which is an incredible bar/restaurant 34 floors up in the air, so it has amazing views of the city and no wonder there is a 3 month waiting list but us lucky ducks, its not what you know its who you know. We went zooming up in the elevator which I'm not going to lie I wasn't too keen on but 5 Porn Star Martinis later and I was all good.

When in Rome!

New playsuit with a skirt!


We then went to honestly one of the best restaurants I have ever been too and I'm trying to hunt something similar down in the Toon. Its called Fazenda and is Brazilian food. They have this incredible help your self buffet of salads, tapas, rice, black eyed beans...very important. The incredible bit though is the waiters coming round with swords of different meats to try, they just carve bits off at your table...think the best kebab you ever had. You are given this card, red on one side and green on the other so if you need a break flip it to red but if you want more green for go. I'm not a huge meat eater but it really was some of the nicest fillet steak and spicy lamb (to name a few) I've ever eaten. All washed down with a bottle of Malbec...I cant even remember getting to bed. This also then makes you feel like you have an axe in your head at 6am just in case you were wondering. The poor hubs had to get back to work for a couple more hours so I had a lovely lie in, hit my drug stash and was under strict instructions to buy him some new tops....um ok!!

Pissed lift selfie...obvs

After a scolding shower I hit the streets again, I was given a tip by an instagram follower to go for brekkie at "Moose Coffee" which would you believe was only in the next street? I love serendipitous moments like this because it could have literally been anywhere in Liverpool or surrounding areas but no, just there. True to form there was as pre warned "A que but worth the wait" It was raining so it wasn't too big and table for one only took 10 minutes, apparently it can be 2hrs. After stepping into the Brooklyn loft style cafe and viewing the menu, I could certainly see why. I had to stop myself snatching nibbles of other passing plates. Let me just say that Breakfast food is my total fav thing in the world and this was like heaven. From Burritos, Waffles, to Bagels, all incredible. I wouldn't be me if I didn't go for pancakes though and went from the special...which the title didn't let down on. American pancakes with Peanut Butter, Chocolate, oranges and pralines.....HEAVEN! Baring in mind I had a hangover so honestly demolished the lot mmmm. After a shopping wrecky for the hubs it was time to get on the road home and I literally couldn't wait to give my boys a cwutch, get a hot bath and my own bed.

Serious situation!

Queuing in the rain?

Holy Moly!


I will definitely be returning asap though...I'm thinking girls weekend though next time. 

Ash xox    


  1. I went to Liverpool many years ago with my best friend and loved every moment - there's so much to see and do, amazing shopping and gorgeous food (next time you need to make it out to the Albert Docks!) .. I was trying to convince Simon only a few weeks ago to maybe go for a weekend but he seemed rather against the idea :(

    Glad you had a lovely time, I enjoy reading about your child free adventures!


    1. Aw thanks Chloe....bribe harder it was awesome xxxx

  2. love liverpool!

    it's similar to, but not as good as fazed, but escobars (across from tup tup palace) does brazilian bbq style food x

    1. Def going to have to try that then Jeff! This was ....epic! x

  3. Liverpool is my second favourite city! Sounds like you had a brilliant time and I love your outfit (where's it from?) X

    1. Aw thank you. Its from Zara....literally can get enough of that shop! xxx