Summer Swish!

I was invited to the Summer Swish for North East Bloggers, organised by lovely Rachael from the fab blog Life in Geordie land. and the event was held by intu at the Metrocentre. I've been a bit out of the loop on blogger events as I often find it hard to get child care for my baby dudes but its always nice to natter to other bloggers and to chew the blog chat. I wouldn't say I'm a fashionista but I definitely love clothes and a few hours to myself, so this was right up my street.

Free clothes. Yes.please!

The idea was to bring at least 5 items of clothes that you no longer wear but would be proud to receive, either for donation or a "Swop Shop" I was delighted to have an excuse to have a clear out of my wardrobe and see them get more appreciative homes. In fact I wish I had cleared out more...and I'm embarrassed to say the things I donated still had tags on, being a complete impulse buyer. I do it all the time realising it looks like shit once but hanging on thinking one day my body ...and shoe size might magically change. Note to self ATTEND next Swish event asap.

Little pep talk from the boss. aka Rachael

We then put all the items out like a proper Summer Swish Shop and you get a tag with your name on for every item donated. If you see someone else's item you like pop your tag on to claim it....for free. Really. If you ran out of tags but saw another item you liked a small donation to the Sunshine Fund could get you another tag. There was also an amazing raffle, with Champagne, Jewellery, Metro Radio Arena tickets and a huge goodie bag from Lancome and Body shop which I of course got some tickets for...but as usual I didn't win ha ha. It was for a great cause though so I didn't mind and Rachael said we had raised a good amount for them. 

The Body shop was also there doing makeovers and handing out samples, I was too busy chatting so I didn't indulge but it looked great. We then had a...I think demonstration is a better word than talk on this occasion, from one of the intu stylists. SUPER rude I've forgotten her name but she was fab and  did this great session on how you only need 16 items for your whole weeks holiday....I'm not kidding. She really made it seem possible with some gorgeous summer pieces teamed up in ways I wouldn't have thought. Swimming cozi with linen pants for a night out anyone?

Some nibbles, drinks and then the proper swishing started. Some items were doubled up with tags but Rachael just did a name in the hat job on those to make it fair. Now....I WAS meant to returning with 0 but there were 3 items I couldn't resist. I couldn't be happier though with them....literally cant believe they are free. We then received some very nice gift bags thanks to House of Fraser and the Body shop; Ive already decided to buy the full size of 2 of the sample products, an Vitamin E night serum and a body butter. I then decided to grab some Sushi after...live on the wild side but I was very pleased when Chloe from New Girl in the Toon and Katie from Katie Jane Online joined me for more catching up. So a verrrry successful afternoon indeed. 

Love this skirt and the cigarette pants!

Thank you to Rachael and intu....when can we do it again? 

Ashlie xox 


  1. Thanks for the shout out Ashlie, glad you had a good time. Definitely up for doing it again so will keep you posted x

  2. Was great to meet you Ashlie. I agree it was a great event.

    Katie x


  3. I can't believe what fab items you swished, you look amazing! I was very well behaved ... I went with 11 items and returned with 0! This is all to ensure that my new house isn't overrun by clothes - fresh start and all that!


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