Things I love....

So after a little break thought I would catch you up on what we have been doing with some of the things I'm loving at the minute.

Things I love....

Spending time with my baby dudes. 
The husband has been working ridiculous hours so we have been off having lots of adventures. It’s great now they are getting older because you can do so much more than...soft play. They are still trying to kill themselves but I am loving all the fun stuff, me and Archie also get a 2 hour a week over lap on our own now so we have been having a lil date and started swimming lessons. 

I also have a new man in my life. One of the Bffs and Oscars god mother C had her little boy last month Joshua...not gonna lie I was hoping for a pink bundle so Auntie Ash would plait hair and paint nails but he’s too cute to be disappointed. 
Welcome to the world Joshua.

Might as well get used to it Joshua

I have been basically living on IG...as the cool kids call it. Its always been my favourite app, as they say "A picture paints a thousand words". This is like personal Pintrest but the best bits of Facebook and Twitter mixed. Whatever you are into you can # and tonnes of pretty, inspiring, informative, food porn, what to wear and what people are up to will pop up. Luuurve it. I've made some really good friends off it too. So if you haven't got it, why not? Give me a follow too @ashlie5515

My family. 
My Daddy died 20yrs ago this month and it always makes me think life is far too short. We all live so close but find it hard to get together. However we made a pact at Christmas on all side's of my family but especially my Dads side to get together more if not once a month and so far so good. I love it, as well reminiscing old times and story’s. Love how I'm making new ones with my boys now too.

Slimming World. 
I have also really been trying to get a summer bod....even if summer is saying Fuck off.... and my body ha ha. If you know me I Love Slimming World completely changed my life being able to eat and loose weight. I lost 5st after both boys with it so I've been ramping up the exercise doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (which I think is great as only 20mins a day) and trying to get fitter! I've been asked to do a blog about my "journey" a few times so I'm going to try and fit that in soon. 

I had just had Archie on the left....

Child free time
....Now I know I’m asking to be stoned here from the mother earth's out there but as much as I adore my boys I also love having a night off from them, whether it be Date night, girls night, or just a bath on.my.own. I’m shoehorning this in, again my new year’s resolution. It’s also fun going to each other’s houses or making a cheap tapas night because a babysitter and a night out adds up and you know what? I don’t feel guilty, it’s doing me the world of good being a grown up as well as a Mammy. #goodbalance

This is what I have to do before I go out....spoilt!

Hope Y'all well.

Ashlie xox


  1. Firstly I AM SO JEALOUS! You know why?! Because you managed to get your hands on the Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan issue of Hello! WAHHHHHHH! Do you know how many shops I traipsed around looking for it? I even made Simon hunt for it .... in the end we had to give up! It must have sold out so fast, I'm still gutted and kinda hooked to going into newsagents looking for it even though the next issue is now out :(

    I'd love to read more about your weight loss journey .. always love hearing people's stories, they're so inspiring!


    1. You should have said! I would have brought it to you today!!!! Thanks alot and working on that blog xxx

  2. Hi, I love reading your blog, but never comment. So pleased you're back though. Id also be interested in your Slimming World story. You look so fit and toned, I could hardly believe you were 5 stones heavier! I have baby weight to lose, and it hasn't shifted for 2 years.... have heard good things about SW.

    1. Well Hiiii! Thanks for commenting too. I'm working on it for sure but in the mean time cant recommend Slimming World enough, maybe try a meeting and see what you think. It really works. xxx

    2. I actually spent last night reading thru New Girl in Toon's Weight Watchers blog, so now I'm torn!! Hah hah! Maybe I should actually go and DO one or the other rather than just read about it! But they both seem to offer great rewards :)