Northern Goldsmiths Opening Night.

I'm standing in a stunning listed building, with gorgeous huge chandeliers twinkling above my head, surrounded by diamonds, and stunning jewellery. As I'm listening to the brass band, sipping champagne and nibbling some amazing canapés....I cant help wonder if this is a dream?! Not going to lie exactly 30mins before this moment I was standing in my rollers and dressing gown trying to make a toddler a peanut butter sandwich and waiting for Daddy to take over childcare.

It was of course not a dream but the open evening of the Iconic Northern Goldsmiths brand new refurbishment, on the corner of Blackett and Pilgrim street. If you remember my blog a few weeks ago The Kissing Clock you will know all the historic value of this Jeweller's, how its thee place to get a special ring and just as popular to then pop the question under the famous "Kissing Clock" right outside. Just then Robson Green walked past me, I noticed Faye from pop group Steps walking in just to name drop a few and I was back to thinking this might be a dream... I was so pleased to be asked by Goldsmiths and while the invitation alone promised a special evening as you can already tell it REALLY didn't disappoint.

The first thing I had to do though was declare I had a knife in my bag, there was a nervous look from the security guard but before you get worried it was requested. Goldsmith's have been asking anyone with story's or memorabilia from their store over the years to come forward. I hadn't even realised that I was sitting on a special piece from my own family. My Great Great Grandma back in the day longed for a goldsmiths ring but they simply couldn't afford it, her fiancée treated her to a wedding cake knife though so she at least had something special from the store.....I know so cute. I was clearly her pride and joy too because when it was placed in the show cabinet there was another similar knife next to it but this was very worn where as our knife was still very serrated, clearly only ever used on VIP occasions.

It was so nice to look around all the beautiful jewellery showcases and two things struck me. 1. The staff are amazing. I'm not just saying this, they are all very enthusiastic about their jobs, knowledgeable and no a jot pushy. 2. The Jewellery is amazing but not as pricey as I had imagined. Definitely going to be dropping some husband hints. Did you know that Goldsmiths was the first place in the UK you were able to buy a Rolex from in 1919? It now has a very established bond with the brand as well as Omega and Cartier. One of the interesting facts I learnt about the store on the night.  Then just as I tucking in a whiskey sour I was delighted to bump into a few other bloggy pals and we all had the same ooohs and ahhs about how amazing everything was looking decor wise too. The fab Chris Cross also came over and entertained us with some Magic...and I mean magic; I am gullible to say the least but I'm still pondering his trick now. Sadly he couldn't snaffle a stunning diamond necklace up for silent auction for me mind. 

I wasn't disappointed for long though because Goldsmiths have very kindly given me a diamond eternity ring as a memento of the night and to show me the experience of shopping at Goldsmiths. I know I cant believe it myself. As I have already mentioned the staff were so helpful. I was taken in hand by Helen a lovely bubbly lady to be measured for my ring size. She explained a bit about eternity rings and how they are usually given at special times in a relationship after the marriage, an anniversary or the birth of a first child are very popular. Eternity rings are said to immortalise love and it was the Egyptians who first believed that an eternal ring was given as a sign of a love that could not be broken. Diamonds are naturally a very popular choice as one of the strongest and most precious stones on earth not to mention rare. Diamonds are favoured for any type of ring linked to marriage actually because they are a sign of loyalty and devotion so they definitely fit the eternity ring’s symbolic nature. 

I was then shown the ring, tried it on for size which fit like a glove and I honestly cant stop looking at it. Helen explained it is a 9ct white gold band that it features ten brilliant cut diamonds in a beautiful channel setting. She then explained the diamonds in this ring are from Northern Canada and gave me a certificate of authenticity. Along with some booklets all about the diamonds clarity, insurance information and after care which you can bring into Goldsmiths every year to be cleaned and inspected free of charge. It was all very interesting and thorough but most importantly I felt very taken care of which is exactly what you want with such an important purchase like this.

If you are interested in my eternity ring here is the link with all the information Goldsmiths or indeed any other jewellery I cant recommend getting over to Blackett Street enough, the staff put you completely at ease even just perusing. Well fed, watered and spoilt rotten I left very happy, giving a nod to Venus wondering just how many kisses she had seen today under her clock, what a lovely job she has.... 


  1. Such a brilliant night! The ring is gorgeous!!! I've already taken Simon for a stroll past the window to point out some sparkly bits that I like ;)

    1. I will happy with a kiss under the clock he he! xxx