Sh*t its the Summer Holiday!

Do you know the kids have broken up? 

Seriously do you know the summer holidays have started?!

I do own a calendar and as the weather has marginally increased in temperature, well enough for a flurry of flip flops and white linen trousers. Naturally. I was aware summer was approaching and that my boys first school year was quickly coming to an end, but as you can see from the lack of blog's the past 2 weeks, these have been rather busy days. I therefore seem to have missed the whole start of the Summer Holidays. However here we are on day 3 and I'm already considering a wine spritzer at 10:43am, my bank balance is quickly diminishing (with my patience) and 6 long weeks lay ahead of ....nothing.

I think the reason it's hit so hard is because we didn't have the last day of term as we were building up to the wedding of the year #Gunbats2015 aka My cousins amazing wedding in Harrogate (blog to follow) but Archie was a page boy and I was honoured with cake making duty. We had Oscars nursery graduation. Not to mention Mr Denton.....drum roll please.... Won Intu Teacher of the Year 2015! If you remember this blog North East Teacher of the Year! being run by intu, on why I voted for him, we are totally buzzing that he won. Well deserved as was the presentation the Yummy Mummy's put together for him! 
Even though cake making is just a hobby I had also been asked to make my dear friends, sons wedding cake a few days before too. So it was a hill climb finish to say the least and not going to lie the Wedding was somewhat epic and I actually lost the weekend to a ridiculous hangover. All is not lost though, we now know I can no longer drink gin. 

Congratulations Mr D!

Cake 1.

Cake 2.

Here I am though with, apart from one birthday party literally  nothing booked in for.6.weeks. The husband is working 6 day weeks as well....I was initially really looking forward to it, it sounds strange but this is Archie's first summer holiday he has really earned so I was excited to do lots of fun stuff. Oscar was still in nursery yesterday so I decided to take him to the Metrocentre, the bestie (an art teacher) gave me the fab idea of making a scrap book of all the little things we do this summer as an activity in its self, so a trip to a huge Paperchase was needed...I honestly get high in that shop. Archie the quieter of my boys ...so I thought would just stroll along while we had a bit of Mother/Son retail bonding but it turns out Oscar just takes the attention off Archie sometimes, he is also wild. Zooming about the aisles insisting he needed a staple gun. In fairness maybe a trip to Krispy Kreme first wasn't the best idea when he asked me "If I could smell thoughts aswell?"....

This is day 3 of horrific hangover. Haven't even washed my hair, whats my name?

Just what I needed...

Craft Porn! 

So I'm rethinking if this is all going to be so much fun, only my patience will tell he he. If anyone has some good tips or ideas for good day trips, free/cheap is even better, this is a pricey business or if you have kids and want to meet I'm here....don't care if I don't know you as long as you have feral kids too I will bring cake lets play date.  

Ashlie xox

Having fun and spending dosh already!  


  1. I can't wait to see what you get up too. The idea of a scrapbook is a fab idea! Something they can into school too. You have such a talent in writing AND in making cakes!!!

    Katie x