Eat..Pray...and try to Love.

This in a nutshell has been the Summer Holidays for me.

It started with much promise thinking that it would be nice to spend some quality time with my big boy Archie because now he is in school me and Oscar dont see him as much and he is old enough to do a lot more fun stuff now... However, it turns out my boy has become institutionalised and without his new found school structure and friends he is like a gremlin you fed after midnight. I have been catapulted back to the terrible twos style of tantrums about... well anything really, the colour of his plate or his 16th meal of the day not being serve quick enough seem to trouble him. The answer to 'What are we doing now?' definitely hits a nerve if it's "Food shopping" or not being able to play out in the dark age 5, being the biggest melt down to date. "Boringgggg Bbboring" is now an anthem and what is with all the "Mammmm....Mammm" but not actually wanting anything; just the sound of their own voice.

My patience and bank balance were wearing thin on about day 4. To make matters worse the Alpha Male has been working away so just me and the brothers grim 24/7. Can soft plays start serving wine please, Mc Donald's serve beers... comon Europe do. I've bumped into a few friends also juggling the holidays between work, holidays and family visiting. Every single one has said "I literally don't know how your'e doing it, I look forward to work for a break!" So I think this 'School kid - without School makes them mental' is very common. Not to mention anything "Cool" he wants to do costs a fortune. Cinema, Soft Play, Beamish, I'm dropping £20s like a sailor on shore leave. There are a few holiday clubs about but I felt guilty putting him in when I'm not at work, Archie loves footy camp though, its 10-3pm with a packed lunch for £10...the 'Cheap' things we have being doing like the beach or park I'm still spending that easily on parking, cuppa's (I'm not going with gallons of tea otherwise) and picnics. Lesson learnt book up next year it's CHEAPER. I cant even mention the inclement weather either...humpf.

Although Oscar has been in better spirits than the big one don't think he hasn't been wearing me out. There has been numerous incidents with felt tips, shampoo, an ink pad, ibuprofen tablets and nursery had to call me last week to say he had drunk a bottle of PVA glue...I am now friendly with 'Sally' at poison control. I am truly exhausted, it feels like every hour of the day is an activity and they want to know what's next, its a blur of baking, face paints, bouncy castles and every park in the north of England. In the drizzle with every type of clothing choice available for our 'British Summer.

even offered to dog sit my friends lush Boston terriers just to have something to do...Harvey and Honey are dead on their feet though bless them from 'fetch' x1 million and bring out in the trampoline... I know how they feel. Along with my bank balance my waistline is also suffering big style too, all these play dates (another free activity) I'm having 15 brews a day and gorging on scones, cake and picnic food....I would be a basket case without the sugar though. I never want to see a cocktail sausage again though.Its literally the only thing getting me through. The boys will also be going back to school in sandals and holes in their pants as I cant face uniform shopping after one trip to clarks the que was round the corner... nah I'm good thanks.

I had just reached critical mass when AM announced a few days ago he could take the last week off and if we could get a cheap last minute deal we could scrape a week away. Sun. A lounger and maybe an hour without being asked anything. IM THERE so Christmas is cancelled and we are going tomorrow. Seriously I booked 48hrs ago. I can easily shop, pack and clean the entire house in 24hrs though and possible get my nails done though right? I hope you have all had a much less mental summer holidays. May the odds be ever in your favor ir your wine strong and I will see you all in September. 

Saw this at Beamish, Even Victoria Mums knew the score!

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