Wedding of the Year. #GunBats2015

Apoligies Laptop readers the pics are a bit blurry im fixing it asap x

If you follow me on any form of social media you will know that we have recently been to “The Wedding of the Year” and oh boy did it live up to the hype. I was absolutely over the moon last year to hear that my cousin Tom...who when I was 7, I actually pretended was my own baby for about 3yrs... had got down on one knee, on a rainy night by the Thames and popped the question to his lovely girl Sophie or if you’re in the club “Soph”.  So while on our annual family holiday last year you can imagine my delight when they firstly asked me to make their wedding cake and after 3 glasses of champagne
I was less “shiiiit” more “of course” while clapping like a seal at the daunting honour. They then asked Archie to be a page boy ...who was lets say less enthusiastic...

Tom and Soph: You know how we are going to get married?

Archie: Yes and have a borned baby....(Archie is obsessed you have a baby at a wedding?)

Tom and Soph:...sort of. But would you be our Page Boy? *Inc motivational speech on the job requirements.

Archie: ..Nahh I’m good thanks...

Anyway we worked on him and as soon as he knew he was getting his own bow tie and a day off school he was buzzing. So the prep began. I know some of you are thinking what prep? Your probably a man and if not you don’t have kids, I’m a famous list maker though even got an app on my phone and It was smoking on this VIP day. There were about 75 things on there from booking a hotel room to ordering a suit for my brother...I’m not even kidding the men in my life are hopeless. The most important though was THE CAKE. If you don’t know already, this side of the family live down ‘sarrrf’ so we normally have a big journey to any family event BUT Soph is a Yorkshire lass born and raised so when the wedding was announced to be at thee stunning Rudding Park in....Harrogate. Yes only an hour’s drive from us I was relieved and that made the cake transport/logistics much easier. I absolutely did not want to let them down but they were so relaxed about it and just let me go with the flow, well apart from Tom insisting NO marzipan on his and only his Victoria Sponge tier.  A mile long Watsapp thread and a few hours on Pinterest boards including stalking Sophs own boards and we were sorted with a traditional 4 tier white fondant cake, Fruit, Victoria Sponge (Toms), Chocolate Gnache and Lemon. Some grey ribbon, lace and some sugar white roses, I think it went perfectly with their gorgeous polished theme if I do say so myself.

Lets hit the road.

A dress for me and just as the fashion bible vows, the first one I saw literally, on ASOS I ordered it with a few backups but as soon as I saw it was exactly like the picture I didn’t even try the others on. Oz needed an outfit as he was far too little to be a page boy, so why not get him a Morning Suit too, like Daddy. Ridiculously it was £40 more to rent than buy so got the whole thing for £35 and he really did look adorable. ALOT of baking, a nail appointment, bag packing and all of a sudden the day was here, and thank goodness because I couldn’t take another “How many more sleeps?” from the boys; but to be fair we were all showered and fed by 7.30am so the excitement was infectious. My hairdresser Angela thankfully opened at 7.45am for me to have my hurrr done as the dress really needed an up doo and I couldn’t have been more delighted with the result she truly has magic hands. My good friend Susie a makeup artist kindly contoured the crap out of my tired (always) face and again uhmazing so technically I was all ready and we were on the road by 9.45am...where is one of those muscle arm emojis when you need them?!

We pulled up at the venue and already blown away by the beautiful little church on the grounds which was great as everything was in one place. I walk into reception getting slightly neurotic about where to set the cake set up. I was getting a few odd looks when I realised I had full hair and makeup on ...in a tracksuit! Anyway Granny showed up just at that minute, whisking the over excited boys away for some lunch so I could set up the cake in peace. Making the risk of Oscar eating some part of it go from def con 1 to maybe...the kid is like a ninja. The cake went up like a dream in record time too, phew. We then all piled into my brothers room who cleverly had booked an early check in, a quick change of clothes, Archie beyond excited with his “important outfit” and cool ‘Toms’ which he thought was because ‘Tom was getting married....I not one to shatter dreams and that. We dropped him off at the Bridal suite and it was time to head to the church. I’m not just saying this but walking across the court yard with all the morning suits and incredible dress’s on display it was like the Royal wedding and the actual wedding party ....Well Tom was in a custom made morning suit by Tom Brown and when Soph walked into the church in the most stunning Caroline Castigliano gown and a Tiffany pearl drop necklace which Tom had bought her, Oscar announced “Mammy the Princess is here!” that sums it up.  The wedding had some really special touches, one of them was Soph had bought Tom a pocket watch to wear which was awarded as a winning prize for the FA cup final in 1906, the previous owner had passed away and his family wanted it to go to a new family to pass on which is a nice tradition they will now keep. Another cute thing was My Uncle John (Toms Dad) wore the exact same suit, tie and shoes that he wore to his own wedding  30years ago to my Aunt Jane who didn’t wear her dress...might have been weird...but was a vision in Royal Blue and such a good omen if their marriage is anything to go by.  Something else so nice was the Priest from Tom’s old school Harrow came all the way up especially to marry them so it couldn’t have been more personal and I loved when Sophs brother read a bit from the Toy Story song “You got a friend in me”.  For Ozzie it maybe was a bit long and to keep boredom at bay he started to tell people what to do, particularly the Bride and Groom to “SIT DOWN”....luckily despite my mortification everyone found it funny though.

I think my favourite bit of the wedding ...apart from the Gin favours was when we all lined up and Tom and Soph walked through as we sprinkles or more like a made a cloud of confetti for them, it was amazing and apparently I got the best amateur shot #cheesygrins. The weather was glorious and as we sipped Prosecco on the lawn and the boys ran around with the bridesmaids it couldn’t have been anymore idyllic. Oscar making everyone laugh again when he went for the last fish and chips canapĂ© but a guy in front scoffed it without realising who else had his eye on it; a 3yr old in a mini morning suit and a pet lip. So when Oscar came up with a backup plan of “Can I have £1” ....his favourite thing as to him it gets sweets, the lovely guy coughed up immediately. This then started a begging streak for Oscar unbeknown to me until he was rattling with coins, those baby blues can’t be resisted...I know too well. On to the meal and I thought there was going to be a kids table but the boys were with us. Thank god for the Gin favours...I’m kidding they were actually really good and loved being part of the Grown up table, it totally struck me just then how big they are getting, this was their first proper wedding and a true moment in time for us. Before I could get too emotional though I got a text to say the cavalry had arrived aka Grandma. When we booked the hotel there wasn’t a family room available so I had the clever idea of asking Grandma to have a day trip to Harrogate and on the way home pick up the boys for the night. The boys were super excited and we got to fully enjoy the night instead of retiring early. Win Win...well maybe not for Grandma but she got a Betty’s out of it!

Real us...Oscar being a Dog!

Fake us, acting cute.

Enjoying being Big boys....not that big though!

Once the boys were safely on the road it was perfect timing to enjoy my dessert and the speeches in peace; which were great. I loved Sophs Dad giving Tom a lesson on how to be a Yorkshire man and I had a few tears....well I think a lot of us did at Toms lovely words about our Granny and Grandpa who were of course sorely missed but whom I’m sure were looking down proud as punch at what an amazing day we were all having. Onto the cutting of the cake, I always get nervous glances and someone always asks me “Am I bothered when they hack into a cake?" I’ve spent quite a bit of time making, and the answer is NO. I love especially watching wedding cakes being cut, it’s so nice to be a little part of that special moment, I also want every crumb to go, which I can confirm it did and I get to eat cake too. It was then that lovely break time when everyone can have a little refresh or disco nap before the band really kicks off. I hadn’t even checked into our room yet and it was nearly 10pm, so as soon as I did I was questioning why I hadn’t been in there all day! Absolutely amazing room, and my fav part was the enormous bathroom with heated floor, I just took off my sandals or torture vessels which FYI I probably won’t wear ever again or feel my right little toe but I just walked around in heaven for a few minutes before a flip flop swop.

Getting messy...

On to the disco...I’m not going to lie at this point the memory’s are few.  I know the band was brilliant. We crowd surfed the Bride and Groom....really. I did the lift out of Dirty Dancing...really really. There was some lush cheese boards, cake and sausage sandwiches at Midnight which couldn’t make a bunch of drunken people more happy right? A LOT of dancing. Tequila shots at 2am...I blame my cousin Jennifer and maybe Catherine but that was it. The next thing I woke up to my alarm at 9am, I had planned on a lie in due to not having small people around but that’s when everyone was meeting for breakfast and I love a good autopsy of the night before. I truly think I was still drunk and looked insane because I took all the pins out of my hair....yes I may have slept with it up and it still looked perfect in the morning, but when I took it down it was still huuuge, never mind I had my eye on more important things; a Bloody Mary and some grease.  It was so nice to chat and properly catch up with everyone as the day went so quick and as mentioned while I looked like a troll the Bride considering she had done about 20hrs on her feet smiling looked amazing in this a shorts suit combo, not.jealous.at.all. It was then time to for the hungover crowd to wave off the new Mr and Mrs Batting, which was extra special because Tom had brought my Grandpas old Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Original from 1968 all the way from Surrey; after 2yrs of restoring it for this occasion. It has a long family history of being the car my own Mum and her 4 siblings learnt to drive in and it’s the same car my Uncle John taught my Aunt Jane (Toms Mum and Dad) to drive in before they were even going out, so maybe where it all began. It started like a dream and with balloons flying off the back they disappeared to their Honeymoon in Santorini, where they first ever went on holiday together. We hit the road not long after to pick up the boys get some more grease... and about 3 days to recover. Buzz word for the Wedding, well one of the biggest Rudding Park have ever seen and one where people literally came from all corners of the globe to attend: Fabulous.


  1. I love a family wedding! It's my siater's in 4 weeks and I am beyond excited!!!

    Still can't believe how amazing the cake was, you're so talented!

    Gorgeous photos and I'm glad your little monsters did you proud x

  2. Beautiful photos. The wedding cake looks amazing. You've got such a talent. I love a good wedding.

    Katie x