This is one of my all time favourite pictures of us at a Pumpkin patch in Texas, and we LOVE Halloween in our house. So I thought I would put together our favourite little ideas and tips to enjoy over the Halloween half term break.


It wouldn't be Halloween without them and no more losing a finger carving a turnip now. Unfortunately there are not many Pumpkin patchs in the UK but the boys loved the one we visited so here is a list of the best ones and maybe one is near you.

Pumpkin Patchs

Grow Your Own

We grew our own this year....well the husband did with the boys but app it was easy, stick a seed in a pot then plant the little sprout and water it for a few months, there you go. They are so proud though we will definitely try to grow more than 1 next year.

I love them on their own but obviously carving is loads of fun. I actually have an trophy for my work Pumpkin carving comp 2011 champion ha ha! 

I recommend a newspaper under it (to catch all the gunk), slice in a diamond shaped hole in the top with the stalk in the centre. Use an ice cream scoop to take out the insides, draw any shape you like on with a biro and carve it out!

Fancy Dress

If you are going to a party "Trick or Treating" one things for sure, you will need a costume. Gone are the days when I was little, you would shred a bin bag or a sheet and  if you were lucky a 25p green plastic mask. There are some show stopping ones available in the shops now literally your hearts desire. However they can be pricey and while I would draw the line at a sewing machine I do love to get creative so here are my top 3 DIY costumes that are cheap.

1. Zombie. 

Apart from the fact I love the Walking Dead this is the most simple, cheap and easy costume to do for boys and girls. All you need is some old clothes, preferably you can shred up a bit, a black eyeliner and some fake blood. Then get messy/scary.

For a spooky make up tutorial see HERE

2. Witch. 

You will need a Witches hat but you can pick them up for about £1, any kind of dress or black clothing, boots etc a beauty spot on the nose; voila. 


 A tea towel for the head, wellys and an eye patch or paint one on with eye-liner. 

Failing all this what about a fancy dress costume you already have and turning it scary, if its too small and tatty to pass on how about shredding it up and zombie make up? Archie was a crazy Doctor with a costume he ripped the leg on by mistake on year.

Chucky with just old dungarees and some fake blood...


Do you know I made a hot chocolate recipe in my slow cooker?! Did you. Sorry no laughey emojis on blogger but there would be a lot here. Could leave my now world famous Hot Chocolate out could I for a cozy treat on Halloween. Recipe 

Hot Chocolate Here

Halloween Giant Cookie

Recipe Here

Then I covered it in Halloween Sprinkles, M and Ms and a Jelly eye in the middle of course he he!

Ginger Biscuits

Recipe HERE

Halloween cutters, we got 6 for £1 at Poundland. Kids love decorating these nearly as much as eating them!

Gruesome Jelly. Make Jelly as per instructions but in a glass or see through bowl, after about 30mins in the fridge put gruesome sweeties like eyeballs etc in. Leave to fully set.

Dead Man Finger 

Just carve a nail bed and a few knuckle lines in a hot dog, cut the opposite tip off and add some blood (ketchup) to look like a dead finger....kids love them.


Recipe HERE

I iced them and rolled the edge in sprinkles then decorated with plastic bugs, so easy but they get a cake and a little toy too.

Chocolate Apples

I made toffee apples in my teens and apart from being mega complicated with thermometers, I licked the spoon of the cooling caramel and it actually burned/took the skin off my lip! So this is miles easier and I prefer them. Why not spoil your Trick or Treaters. 

Apples, Lolly pop sticks, dip in melted chocolate add any kind of toppings you like!

We can wait for 31st now and even had a party at my bestie's last night, her deco was amazing as you can see below but whatever you do just remember to stay safe and have a spooktacular time!!

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