Sugar Rushed Giveaway - Thank you!


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me for the North East Blogger awards and therefore got me to the finals. I've been inundated with questions of how you can all vote for me again but the answer is - You cant! *Nervous squeak* It's all in the judges hands now! I am completely blown away just to be short-listed especially when I saw the two other finalists in my category 'BEST PARENTING BLOG'...I feel a bit like an amateur golfer trying to win the open.

Janine from Birthing Basics who before my blog gave me fab antenatal class's, which helped no end with labour. Welll as much as she could, my husband at one point even quoted her "Janine said STAY calm you are not calm!!!" he he.....She has the baby info down on lock.

Karen from Monkey Footed Mummy I have met just once but she is lovely and clearly a Super Mum by the looks of her blog.


Of course everyone is in it to win it so I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love to win too but regardless of what happens now I am so thrilled for all your backing. The biggest thing I have gained from my blog and my social media is the support you all give me and each other; you do brighten my day.

As you all know I wont sugar coat parenthood - MAN kids can be hard work which no one prepares you for- it doesn't mean that you are a bad parent to feel or say this though. I think a lot of us do feel guilty, its silly because everyone's kids are of course their universe, its just not all roses so that why I like to have a laugh about it and remind us you don't always have to be someone's Mum every second of the day. 

Anyway without further ado to thank Y'all I decided to do my first ever GIVEAWAY of things I wouldn't leave the house without or things I just lurve. To have a chance to win this all you need to do and I've opened it to all my social media accounts as I know some people don't have them all. 

How to Enter

So go to one of my sites below where I will post the giveaway on all of them individual instructions on them as they have different rules but basically: 

Like my page. Like the post and finally share it. You can enter multiple times across the different social media's and yes family and friends can enter as it will be drawn totally at random 1 week today!!!!! 

Good Luck and thank you again! 


Reusable cute bag - we ALL need one now.
Note book and pen -I'm a prolific note writer.
Moisture Gloves for a hand pamper.
Foot Mask Boots -These are unreal I use every week.
Face Mask.
Hand Cream
Pocket Tissues
My fav Rose Vaseline
Reese's..say no more.
Signature Red Nail Varnish
Chewing gum
Few brill Samples.
Popcorn - I'm addicted.
Nail Files.
Cupcake Bath Bomb.
My fav Yankee Candle - Clean Cotton.
Ferrero Rocher.

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  1. Great give away hunni, fab blog. Good luck with the finals xx