Zombie Make Up #tutorial

I am not a make up artist at all but I've been asked load's already how I did this look, so here it is. 

I'm addicted to 'The Walking Dead' so when the bestie said she was having a Halloween party  I knew what I was going as. I have always said a Zombie is the easiest home-made costume anyway, to do for anyone as really you just need an old outfit and a little bit of make up.

I've heard The Walking Dead team can take up to 4hrs to do some of the more horrible Zombies. While I realise I'm nowhere near as good this only takes about 20 mins and you don't need a lot of special equipment either. This look without the contact lenses only cost £2 and I used all the stuff on the kids too.


You can buy Zombie kits now for a few pounds at most shops, I got a basic one for £2 in Wilkos but I tried to use things I already had about the house. 

Baby wipes
Foundation or White face paint.
Black Eyeliner
Cotton Buds

Zombie kit - Liquid latex glue, Fake Blood, brush and some grey/brown face paint.  

Contact Lenses - Not essential but they really make the effect terrifying. I got shade 'Ghost' from Party Capital local to me £8 but they are on-line.


I think I look more terrifying in the first pic than the last ha ha. 

Cleanse face thoroughly with a baby wipe. While your face is still damp (it will give it a patchy look which normally is a no no but great for this) apply a thick layer of foundation all over and a bit down your neck. I used a brush to mottle it in place...basically messy is good.

Apply the liquid latex with a cotton bud to where ever you want wounds and texture. Use as much or as little as you like and let it dry or go tacky. It will look like peeling skin especially when you add blood.

More Gore?....

I could have really gone for it on the gross but because the kids were coming I didn't want to give them nightmares, however if you want to, while the glue is tacky add little ripped bits of toilet roll and or porridge oats and let it dry this looks really cool and sick when you dab make up into it.


Add some grey and or brown make up with a sponge or your fingers around and especially thick under your eyes, around your "wounds" and  mottle a bit anywhere you like. 

Use the eyeliner thickly around your eyes and smudge it a little.

Think Pete Burns! I used a little bit of the brown face paint as lip liner go bigger than your normal lips  as your flesh is supposedly decomposing, then a thick layer of the grey all over to look like a heart attack and I used some of the vaseline around the edge which happened to be the red, it looked good smudging a bit around the wounds too.

Apply a think layer of mascara, again get it a bit messy if you like...you are dead after all.

Then with a cotton bud apply blood to your wounds and around your mouth. I put a bit on my teeth, neck, chest and around my finger nails too. 

Now put in the contacts. It did take a few minutes to get them in but it wasn't too tricky and they looked so cool. 

My hair needed a wash anyway, result... so I just ruffled it a bit 
with some conditioner to look even more dirty.

I decided to wear my PJ's and dressing gown because a lot of the "Walkers" are...and it was the comfiest I have been on a night out ha ha. 

Happpppy Halloween.....

For some more Halloween ideas and fun see my full special blog 

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