Enchanted Christmas at Whitworth Hall

When we were invited to spend the morning at Enchanted Christmas within the grounds of Whitworth Hall in Durham, by She Got It Events I was delighted because I'm going to be honest and say we have only booked one kids thing this whole December! The husbands sometimes goes offshore with work, so we couldn't in advance commit to anything and things are booking up super quick, so this was magic...literally.

Tickets are £25 Child £21.50 Adult 
and £15 under 2s

We arrived at 9am to this 'Christmas Village' set within the Reindeer Park at Whitworth Hall Hotel. You are put into a group with an Elf guide (Ours was called Sparkle)and lead around the different Tippees. Each have different things going on inside like Hot Chocolate and Cookies with Mrs Claus, Singing with the Tree Tops Fairy, Decorate Daddy (my fav), Story telling with Jack Frost and Making Snow Globes. 

You then get to go on the Santa Train up to Santa's Grotto and meet the big man himself including a gift! This was truly amazing because in advance you get to email your childs choosen gift and a fun fact about them...so my boys were star struck when Santa knew Archie is in top set reading group and Oscar's beloved smelly teddy "Ducky" had been telling him he wanted a skooter...even if as we left he said "Actually I want a Nerf gun!...." 

For once I'm not going to do much talking because I don't want to spoil it if you decide to visit and the pics do it much more justice. I will say the main things are: 
  • It was easy to find. 
  • Plenty of free parking. 
  • The kids absolutely loved it all. 
  • For the price it is very good value for money. 

Its 4hrs worth, there are a lot of activity's and you come away with a REALLY nice gift from Santa, a homemade snow globe, certificate and get Hot Choccy with a cookie half way through. I also want to point out all the staff and actors were amazing, they really made it special. It was a freezing day and we have done things before where the staff were a bit grumpy or not bothered but I never heard a peep out of any of them except enthusiastic cheer.

The only thing I would say on the down side was it was a bit too long for us, or maybe could have been condensed more. We were waiting a round at times and like I said it was very cold obviously cant help the weather but I wish the Tippees had been warmer and moved around a bit quicker. I guess on the other hand though others might say it wasn't good value for money if it was shorter...

Lets go see Santa on the Train...


  • Wrap up very warm and Wellie's are a must.
  • Bring snacks. There was a Hot Choccy stop and also a nice warm Cafe with reasonably priced food but you would have to leave your group and maybe miss one of the stations to visit it. In our group a little girl got too cold and a bit fed up as kids can, so they went ahead to the Cafe for some refreshments but had to miss Jack Frost. So maybe a bag of sweeties or a jam sandwich or a banana etc would keep little ones going.
  • Age 2-8 I saw my matie Sam from the fab North East Family Fun, she had her son Harry with her who is 9 and we agreed he was too old for this, although very well behaved I think all the singing and stuff was a bit boring for his age...the lad can do code though! Also the really little toddlers were getting fidgety while my Oscar, 3 and Archie, 6 were mesmerised so think this age group is ideal.

Really nice gift from Santa and something
 to save for Christmas Eve.

We would definitely return, Good Value for money and feeling very Christmassy now.

There are still some dates available, for full information and booking use the link below.

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  1. Ah lovely write up - your boys were definitely mesmerised with Santa. It was lovely to see :D