Housework Revolution!

I am sick of housework!

 I am sick of doing it over and over -usually in the same day- but more importantly I am SICK of arguing about it! 

Why is it assumed that housework is a girls job?

Now I should start by being fair to the husband and say I know he is better than some, he was made to do chores in childhood and thankfully even had his own place for a few years before we ventured into living together which despite his place being in danger of having CSI tape over the door it is always good to be a bit pre domesticated. However any person living with someone will be well aware of the familiar argument that is like a dog with fleas i.e. "Nobody wants it" it however still reoccurs like a bad dream and if you have children in the mix maybe even a few times a day, this argument is called "Who does more, who has it harder?!" With Christmas looming I can already feel the panic starting to build in my chest and that sizzle at the front of my brain build...

Traditionally we know women used to do the housework and often didn't have the choice of working but thankfully we have moved on from that, however 40 years into feminism it seems women are still expected to do the housework or at least the lion share. After my own experience and speaking to friends though (especially other mums) it getting worse, its the same even if you work as well. I am currently a "Stay at Home Mum" this is partly from choice and partly from circumstance, I know I am lucky to have the choice and even luckier to have experienced both sides of the fence. 

Unless you have a domesticated god for a partner though I don't think any situation is a winner. When I went back to work part time after Archie, I was getting two full days off so I was still expected to do all the housework something I thought might get rid of at least 20%. I remember after a particularly stressful workday coming home, after picking up Archie from nursery *also usually my job* and the husband asking what was for tea? "Um I don't know what IS for tea?!" I mean seriously we have both been at work all day, we are both tired, why is it my job to make the tea?

Now I am a SAHM everything seems to be my job and don't get me wrong its an easy assumption as I am here all day. However most of the time I'm actually looking after the children believe it or not who also make A LOT of fucking mess and work! Do you know they need feeding about 9 times a day as well?! Not to mention the floor afterwards looking like a pigeon smorgasbord...I must spend hours per week despairing about how disgusting the floors in my house are... I'm like Quasi Modo round here "The Floors... the FLOORS" The above picture was done in about 8 minutes while I showered. 

I just cant stop standing on my very firm leg when he dangerously asks that ridiculous question - "What have you been doing all day?"..."Well you know when the boys were in Daycare it was so kind of them to nip home, clean the whole house, do the all the washing/ironing and have tea in the oven....all while looking after the kids wasn't it? NO they were looking after the children and SO have I"....its been quite a while since he last asked. 

I'm my own worst enemy though because I haven't let the husband cook a meal for a decade, partly because after I cant be bothered to wash every item in the kitchen including 'the kitchen sink'. Also the last one was a pork chop that was tougher than the sole of a shoe and the mushrooms with it by his own description were "Like polystyrene" ...all in a bread bun! So if I'm not cooking we are having Cornflakes...well if I have remembered to do a food shop.

 I do love that saying "Keeping a house clean with kids around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos" it is so true; This is the REAL never-ending story. My ironing board hasn't been down in about 3yrs but not much has actually been ironed it's just like a fixture in the house threatening if I ever get a chance, a minute, I WILL iron....so far wearing stuff smooth is favourable. I cant even think about Christmas, unless I do it no one will get a Christmas card ...or a present for that matter and lets not discuss the requested home cooked meal obviously cooked by moi, Roastie's not Mash and "WITH Yorkshire puds" seriously WTF?! According to 'Mr Cornflakes' though Christmas is all a made up stress....

I am sick of housework.

 I am sick of doing it over and over -usually in the same day- but more importantly 

I am SICK of arguing about it!

What about you, Id love to know who does the majority of the housework? Are you kids also mess machines?


  1. My husband is a slob and I am not his mother. When it gets to breaking point I decamp to the fresh clean haven of the guest room. There are only so many socks and pants I'm willing to pick up.

  2. God Ashlie, I am so glad you wrote this! I have no children, no boyfriend living with me, yet he still manages mess up my house the odd few nights he comes over and whenever I bring it up I get the blame of picking on him. Honestly this problem is what will break me.

    Actually after reading this I feel sorry for my Mam. God bless you, my Mam and every other person out there doing this!!

    Katie x


    1. Ah yeah boys smell throw rocks at them ha ha. Thanks hun, keep your princess palace. xxx

  3. Aww hun, I absolutely feel your pain.. Us women have it soo bad. I work from home and it drives me mad that the other half think I do anything all day lol... I'm quite sure that Superwoman is a job title haha xx

  4. Eeee god Ashlie you will hate me but I reckon I only do about 20% of the housework and Steve does the rest. When I'm at home and he's at work I'm either working or seeing to the kids. When he's off work I'm working so he does most of the housework then. Plus he always cooks dinner - even after a 12 hr shift. I realise I am lucky but he's happy with the arrangement and knows that I need to work if I'm going to be successful and that has priority. I seriously couldn't cope if we had to switch roles!

  5. My house is exactly the same and I have only one 5 year old and a very undomesticated husband. Hands up before our son I spoilt him by doing everything....iI bloody wouldn't have bothered if I'd have known that this would be the outcome. The salt in the wounds is my sister and cousins house is immaculate both have one child each...what's the difference I asked is there some miracle I'm missing...sadly not both of them told me they get uo at the crack of dawn to clean the house with a structured daily tasks list so that even the skirting boards get a weekly wash down. I concluded that I would rather dodge toys like a ninja warrior on the way to make a cuppa then sit and stare at my dusty skirting boards that get up any earlier than is necessary. After all the housework will still be there when my son's fully grown with a family of his own ��

  6. It's not just me!! I have 7 children but can't stand a messy house. I now work full time so I've had to accept its not always going to tidy. I have thought about getting a cleaner but then I think "I have seven kids! They need to muck in" Organisation is the key, we have a menu, I have one of them each day help me in the kitchen doing all the cooking and cleaning, they each have a room to clean on Saturday morning to earn their pocket money and I have massively decluttered! And the washing, that's never ending, haven't quite cracked that yet!

    1. ...I just cant get over you have 7....7 kids! Girllll thats a litter ha haa how do you manage man?! We have started chores and its def helping not making as much mess because they then have to clean it. x

  7. My husband once complained about a double crease down his freshly ironed shirt .
    I now send all his shirts to his mother.

    1. Ha ha ha. Archie the other day complained I didnt lie his clothes out in the correct order...hes 6! x

    2. His poor wife! Strike that . He'll have you doing it when he's 45. Just saying 😂👍